Saturday, 20 January 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 9

ANOTHER one of Tapestry and Crystals kids who has the weirdest name ... Chin Chan
I think they have six children all together.
There is a girl called Hayley who we haven't seen yet - but who I see the pop ups for quite often.
As she is stalking Derek, Jazz's oldest boy and he is getting very annoyed with it.

While Bee is in the Cemetery waiting for her date to arrive .... she has her birthday

She gains the Heavy Sleeper trait

LTW = Leader of the Pack

Ulysses (who is her romantic interest from prom) is still a teenager which now makes the date a little awkward with her now being a young adult!!
Besides the fact that he is dating one of Jazz's daughters, Melanie!!

The date didn't last very long.
On the way home she gets distracted and spent the rest of the night watching Tapestry singing.

At home ... the baby is coming

They go off to the hospital and come out with twins again.

Baby 9 is a fairy girl

Baby 10 is a fairy girl

I am getting very miffed by the constant stream of fairies!!!
There have been no witches and only 1 werewolf hybrid - so all 10 of their children so far have been fairies.  I am thinking because both parents have the fairy occult which is overpowering the other two occults.

I'm very tempted to pull off Forrests wings as he does not live on the fairy lifespan - which is why he got the fairy occult in the first place.

and it looks like something has exploded in the house by the time they get back.
Two broken taps, puddles and mess everywhere.

Kandice phones Forrest for a chat ... twice in a short space of time.

Kandice =  "I think my Chace has a thing for your wife!"
Forrest =  "Yeah just like you have a thing for me!!  Quit with the phone calls and love letters, they are getting very boring now, because I'm not interested!!"
Kandice =  "You may as well give in now, because you know I always get what I wish for."
Forrest =  "Not this time, this is my wishacy, not yours!!"

One of the Tiberium pieces has grown into a large spire.
It was worth $7,452 ... it is now worth $35,949

That is Bee's house paid for ... hee hee

hopefully the other piece will grow in time to pay for Baylee's house!!

Just as well really, because Forrest is on extended maternity leave AGAIN and he has a disgusting house to clean up!!

Boo approves of the clean toilet.
He gains the adventurous trait from playing in the toilet water - lol!!

Time to age up the twin girls.
I am actually surprised that we are on an even 5 girls and 5 boys.  My game normally spits out way more boys than girls, but I guess SP has fixed that!!


Loner and Good


Slob and Heavy Sleeper

Red and Forrests first Grandchild is on its way!!

The twins are being taught to talk ... when they actually sit down!

Boo has brought Blaze a snake!!!
Just what the kid wants in his life 😂

Mmmm Blaze I would move now if I was you!!

Daddy to the rescue!!

Both sets of twins need to be potty trained.

but Buttercup is having none of it!!

Bee is still here because she hasn't  graduated yet.
I am trying to collect all of their graduation ribbons to put on the wall ... seeing as Red has been very slack with her painting skill and not even capable of doing portraits yet!!

She decided she wanted a music career so she now works at the theatre.

Baylee has gone to Rocky's house after school with one of his boys.

the next time I check on him he is over the other side of town playing in the ocean with his cousin Meghan and one of Jazz's boys.

I've been very puzzled by Kandise and her constant badgering of Forrest, because as far as I knew they had never even met.  So I feel like an idiot only just realising Kandise is Forrests boss at work!!


Red and Forrest are both quietly constantly making jam and preserves to bump up their money.

Bradley is too busy gardening again and gets into trouble for missing school.

Seriously Forrest it is nothing to cry over ... lol!!
Bless him he didn't enjoy scolding his boy!!

Bradley doesn't go to school ... he carries on gardening, which seriously needs to be tended too!!

Red has only managed to get to level 7 painting so far

Someone needs to show Blaze how to play with the logic block properly - lol!!

Forrest has just realised he has the genius trait still ... I can't keep him away from playing chess now!

It is snowing again

Baylee has spent ALL DAY doing the garden. 
He has managed to get his gardening skill up to level 6!!

Red attempts her first portrait.

Brook ... the party animal is making the most noise in the house.

The second piece of Tiberium has grown into a large spire.
It was a £23 dust piece now it is worth £39,399

Brandy is having her birthday

She gained the Natural cook trait

Red has just achieved her Life Time Wish ... Surrounded by Family
Bandy being the 5th child to become a teenager.

Baylee is also having his birthday

He gained the Night Owl trait

LTW = Cat Herder

So we now have two waiting to graduate.


Babies = 10
Boys = 5
Girls = 5


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