Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 15

Buttons interupts Leslie from his unauthorised fishing
what a waste of $40

The caterpillars on his face, don't like pink roses!!

We have another stray cat in the house
This is Georgie Giggs ... he belongs to Rocky
so I guess he is here trespassing with Leslie

For someone who has no animal traits ... he is spending a lot of time with that cat!

We charge for food - it isn't free!!

Awww bless Leslie is tidying away the toys!
Billie:  Hey you!  There is a stack of dirty plates and dishes need doing!!

Don't mind me ... I need to pee!!

Bruce wanted a bath like his Dad!!

Georgie is making himself at home

Benji has decided on his LTW
He wants to be a cat herder

Forrest:  Pay attention boys ... this is how you clean the toilet
Billie:  Is he for real??!!
Bruce:  Yeah I think so ... I heard he has OCD!!

The wolf boy is teaching the witch how to bite heads off people

We have four birthdays today


He gains the Slob trait


He gains the animal lover trait
amusing seeing as he is one!!

Buttercup is becoming an adult

She gains the Supernatural Fan trait

LTW = Superstar Athlete

and Buttons .....

she is seriously pushing my buttons because she WON'T AGE UP AGAIN

She did this when she was a child .. I ended up having to age her up in CAS.
I have decided to leave her for a few days to see if she does eventually age up on her own.

The baby is coming

How is Billie sleeping through the racket?!

Baby 15 is a girl

Loves the outdoors - Brave

Georgie is still here ...
it is more fun here than at home, obviously


Betty is a rare and special little girl 😝
even if I don't know where her brown eyes have come from



AND Werewolf!!!

She is a THREE way hybrid
Fairy / Witch / Werewolf

I don't know if fairy / witch and werewolf will work together yet

Hopefully they do and she won't be another walking glitch like Buttons!!

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