Monday, 16 July 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 19

Bruce is very stressed out, which is dragging his mood into the red.
So I moodlet manage ... 
click on the stressed moodlet to force him to do something to cheer himself up.  

I'm very amused with what he chose to do!

He went to the well and "wished for love"

Yes Bruce you need to kiss that frog!!

Bruce = Ewwww
It will all be worth it when you have a pretty girl stood in front of you, who is madly in love with you!!


Bruce = That is no girl!!!
Damion = Errr ... Hi  (he waves nervously)

Another boy turned gay by the game!!!

But it doesn't matter who is coming out of that well .....
it is love at first sight!!

Traits = Flirty - Good Sence of Humour - Over Emotional - Good
LTW = Golden Tongue/Golden Fingers


Loves the Outdoors - Artistic

Damion has now joined the household and is making himself at home

Now there is a teenage werewolf in the house again ...
Forrest is permanently in werewolf form and they are constantly practising fighting

Bruce and Damion rarely leave each other for a second

Butch is now walking and talking

The winter snow is falling

Bruce has rolled his LTW = Animal Rescuer

Not a very good first attempt at cooking

These two are so cute together!!
I think everyone needs to get their love life out of the wishing well!!!

Brodie is having her birthday

She gained the Excitable trait

LTW = Gold Digger

Teenage boys playing in the shower

and in the bedroom

  It is just a good job they can not make any babies!!

Brodie makes a snowman while she is eyeing up one of the paps stood on the garden ...
The gold digger wants to find out how rich he is ... lol

Forrest has been out hunting in a pack with Billie and has found a pink will - o -wisp
which is extraordinarily rare apparently

Baby chimes coming from the bedroom
so Red has baby number 18 on the way

That kid is so cute!!!
(to me anyway!)

the silly things sims do!!

The first igloo is going up

Poor Damion is the only human in the house
he has rolled a wish to become a fairy ... so we need to find him the potion!!

Brodie is graduating
She is deemed most likely never to leave the house!

nonesence snow picture
(rolls eyes at myself)

Bruce is getting a lot of date phone calls from other boys and men in town

I hate how this game only thinks the sim needs dates when they are already in a relationship and not before, when they are single!!


Bradley ... Forrest's Nephew
he is one of Alpine and Meadows children

Lloyd ... is Brandy's son
and one of Red and Forrest's Grandchildren

We forgot to do something ... Ben is not walking yet

those two boys are killing me!!
They have level 1 woohoo skill already!!

Forrest is invited to his Niece Meghan's pool party
she lives opposite in Boyds house strangely!



Boyd has always had a lot of cats in this house

I am yet to catch Bee in human form ... she seems permanently stuck in wolf form

The twins are having their birthday


he gained the Brave trait


She gained the Loves the Cold trait

Forrest is still at the party

Hello Billie ... how did you get here??!!

he is his Dad's shadow and must have followed him here!!!  lol

Brant who is one of Crystal and Tapestry's children
has a child with Brook and is now in a relationship with Buttercup

hugs from Dad

With his animal lover trait ... Billie is only interested in the cats

Blair is Baylee's son ... I am not sure what he is doing here

and baby Billie is one of Rocky's Grandchildren ...
Horrace brought his son along to the party.

at home ....

the next baby bump has just popped!!

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