Sunday, 27 October 2019

Boolprop Asylum ... Update 4

No bed for Calypso, so she has to sleep on the couch.
Cosmic's body clock is the opposite of everyone elses, he sleeps while they are mostly awake, so he never struggles for a bed.

It is never long before one of the ghosts is out to wake them up.
Forrest playing peekaboo with the turtle - lol

Someone has stolen the turtle!!!  😂

I presume it is Forrest as he was the last one spotted by the tank.

NO!!!! You are NOT drinking my blood!!!!

Clovis is the first one to find the Jelly bean bush.

The stove is on fire again.
Kylie is the one who puts the fire out this time.

Cosmic is such a wuss!!!

Silver is sailing VERY close to the wind.
She needs plasma, but she is not making her way to the fridge.

When Calypso interupts your painting asking you to dance.  
You don't argue or you might get your head caved in!!!
She hasn't slapped Cosmic ... YET!!

and Silver .... did not consumed any plasma, so if she stays there too long playing that guitar, she might just be checking out on us!!

more brain damage for Wu!!

And Motherlode should be grateful to Calypso for interupting Silver's guitar playing.
As straight after she got a slapping, she did go and drink some plasma juice!!

Playing with their occults

Well done Dab!!!


Fire out .... Calypso and her fire extinguisher again.

Leo seems to be playing with his fairy a lot, constatnly pranking everyone!!

Calypso is at it again!!
This time it is Silver.


Not sure what has sparked this fight off ... but they are not stopping!!

Slap one

Slap two

second punch up

Me and Dab want a baby girl!!
Well you are NOT getting one!!!!

Leo you are just playing with  fire  ice, picking on Calypso to prank!!

Shockingly she found it funny!!

The bedroom is now just a stink pit!!!

Werewolf and fairy playing nicely together

Well sort of!!

Cosmic has wandered off outside and is making an igloo.
With a little help from Jazz!!

The alien is also out.

Lol, now they are making a snowman together ... how cute!!

Rocky is also out and making a snowman on the other side of the lot.

They are fainting not sleeping!

I told you Jazz is an entertaining ghost, he is always up to something!!

First he is making fun of Leo

Then when he walks away, he makes Cosmic gag by eating dirt.

Guess who has just pee'd her pants!!

I spy the turtle scampering around on the floor.
So Forrest didn't steal him after all.
It turned out to be Jasper ... he had the turtle in his inventory and it escaped.

Well she is embarrassed and has to take it out on someone!!

Turtle recaptured and returned to his tank!!

Oh No!!!

Silver has ignored her thirst again because she is too distracted by that damn guitar .....

and she disintegrates in front of everyone!!

Bye Silver!!

Spotting Dab doing strange things in the bathroom!!
Watching Clovis shower.

He is definitely enjoying the show!!!

Going back to Silvers ashes on the carpet .....

Dab suddenly appears but naked, in search of Leo, and it is NOT floppy either!!!!

Leo = "Dab put it away, now is not the time!!
Dab = "It is always time!!"

Ghost number 13 joins the collection
Unlucky for some .... Motherlode!!

Unfortunately begging does not get Silver anywhere!!

RIP Silver

Grim spends the rest of his time in the house, with Richie.

and Dab finally gets what he is waiting for!!

Having Grim in the house has them flaking out all over the place!

Dab and Leo are making the most of the igloo

He seems to love painting fruit!!
I wander if that is a vegetarian thing?!

When Dab and Leo fall asleep in the igloo I realise it is a bit of a cheat.
Until it thaws, it has provided two extra sleeping spaces ... AND because Silver is no longer with us, a Chair and bed need to be removed.

Cosmic needs to get a wriggle on with his painting and writing skills!!

Too distracted by what is going on this house, as well as all the cleaning and repairing that he does  ....
Cosmic has still only managed to get to level 6 Painting so far ... and Level 1 Writing (cringe)

I think we are going to be at this for quite a while!! (cough)


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  1. The Asylum is going crazy. :P Fun to read about though, although too bad for Silver!