Sunday, 25 August 2019

House Battle 6 ... Update 2

After Day 1, we are down to eight mascots, who are all tired, starving and about to pee themselves!!
So this is where they will be spending the night.

Kylie thinks sleep is more important than food and using the toilet!!

There are two burnt rooms to clean up!!

Wu and Davina's rooms have been cleared out.

Day one was pretty amusing!!
ONLY JASPER managed to repair anything ... his TV

Look who have found each other again!!

They know they are destined to be star crossed lovers!!



Max Motives (cough!!)
So they are all ready for their second day!

and off they go ...

Dab is the first one to electrocute himself

shortly after he does it again!

Dab is down and Calypso has just electrocuted herself.

Leo seems to be taking a break now he has mended his TV

and so is Kylie .... she is chatting on-line to Red 😂
(who lives in that white house next door)

Leo and Kylie are set back to work!!

Bye Dab!!

Oops and there goes Calypso
so Smustle are completely out.

Kylie is buzzing

Bye Calypso

and Kylie is down

Oops both of the Woohoo guys are down.

and there goes Clovis

Bye Kylie

Grim is a very busy man!!!
onto the next one .....

They are dropping like flies today!!

Grim = "YOU!!"

Lesson not learned from the Jelly Beans!!!

Of course Jasper has the unlucky trait and Grim is going to let him off dying!!!

He never damn dies!!!

Grim = "I've got a date with the red devil and I'm going to be late!!"

Bye Clovis!!

By the end of the day Richie, Leo and Silver have fixed everything.

Jasper only has his Sterio to fix.

As Jasper has pretty much turned this into a farce, because he is never going to die.
We are now not counting the last man standing ... 
we are counting the items they have repaired until there is only Jasper standing!! 

Llama = 2
Motherlode = 6
Plumbob = 3
Smustle = 3
Woohoo = 3

We are now down to just the four ....
Richie - Silver - Leo and Jasper.

(Take note - Silver is putting the beds up)

Leo = "Where is Dab?"
Jasper = "He died mate!  He fried himself!"

Richie = "You are an idiot Jasper!!"

And see what happens when Richie tries to put them down!!

Nobbled by his house mate!!!

He is lucky he only has a bad back!!

What is she doing outside??!!

Oh No!!!!  Meteorite in coming!!


This is the last thing we need!!!
Especially as some idiot did not lock the door!!!


Battle 6 ... Update 3

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