Sunday, 29 October 2017

Candy Door 3 - Update 1

Candy walks into her third life .....

I am doing something different in this life ... I am leaving the headline effects on.
I usually hide them, but this time you will be seeing them.

Are you having deja vu yet Candy ... because I am!!

After having a screaming fit at the windows which she dislikes and cancelling the newspapers
She makes a start on her painting skill.

Strangely her very first wish for all three lives has been to have a Ghost Hunting career ..
of course I have had to ignore it.

GO AWAY so I can sell your bucket of rubbish!!

$3 for her first painting.

She paints another identical painting before she gets her painting skill.
$4 she got for this one

After she has gained her painting skill she heads out to the town hall to register as a self employed painter.

She wants to become friends with someone
so she tries to get to know Carlton ... but they never really get on very well.

Patterns is another one she doesn't get on with too well.

I wander what Candy is actually learning from Carlton's presentation

I am very surprised that she has not got on better with Pineapple.
I started an ISBI with Candy and she jumped on Pineapple in that challenge.

Pineapple flirts with her, but she just walks away ....

to tell herself a ghost story.

Viola and Mitchel tickle me

Mitchel:  "I can't take them home, Layla will batter me!!"

Viola  "Just like I can't take those home ... Liam gets hay fever!"

On the hunt to make a friend Candy goes to the local hangout.
There is only Marty and Ashley in there so she has a play on the slots.

She wins herself $1,064

Then she starts to stalk the two celebrities.
She wants to impress them both.

Marty is a stubburn idiot!!!
She is trying to impress him but do you think it is happening!!

Candy's face!!

Ashley is easy to impress

Saffron and Maize walk in and Candy goes over to talk to Saffron.

Yow!!  Saffron looks like he might be straight again in this life.

and we have the instant fireworks.
Yeah - he is not gay this time!

Crimson walks in and I think she may as well go for the full set of Shine boys!!
Saffron - Maize ... there is only Crimson left.

Seriously I would like her to be with a different man again, one that isn't Red's son and if it is Saffron again it will probably be another baby train ride.

You can stop thinking about Saffron mrs!!!

Fat chance of that, she already wants to kiss him!!

Then Saffron phones for a chat.

$75 she earned for this one

She still has that wish to impress Marty - who I've spotted just going into the gym

Hello T

Well look at those two ... for once, they are out together and look like a married couple!!
She obviously hasn't found Forrest yet!

Although I have noticed while Cello is the Casanova and Mustard is the Gigalo again.
Red is not the town bike this time ... Apple Bramley is.

After yet again failing to impress Marty, she walks out and starts to go home, but is stopped by Jude.

Well Hello Jude!!!!

Instant fire works!!!

Jude Charm is someone she has never really bumped into or spoken to in her other two lives.

They have a compatible star sign ... share two traits - Artistic and Loves the Outdoors.

and when two artistic sims get their heads together ... it is game over!!

Jude starts the flirting

another kiss wish

Shame he ran off after that hug ... he was hungry.

This amused me ... so it looks like Saffron is off the menu anyway ... Thanks Mint!!!

I spoke too soon right!!
Red has just hacked Marty off flirting with T

I'll tell you Marty ... your marriage, it will only ever end badly!!

Candy is thinking ... great, another baby making machine!!

NOW she is having deja vu!!

The sound of running water is supposed to be therapeutic and relaxing ... but not in this case!!

She earned $93 for the naked mushroom

What did Plum ever do to deserve three lifetimes of this??!!
In all three lives he has been stood behind that food register.

Oh boy!!  I'm getting double vision again!!

I obviously saved something not quite right when I duplicated this file, and I thought it was just a blip with door 2.
Here is a second copy of Candy just like last time.  Another homeless NCP, this time she is the elixir merchant.

Candy 2 is now Meadow .... he! he!
I took the Candy duplicate into CAS and replaced her with another sim.

Meadow Leaf ... Forrest's sister FINALLY comes out into the open.

Candy is at the consignment store to learn the logic and alchemy skill.

She wants to go to the park and all she ends up doing is playing chess with Forrest.

Forrest moves away and Mint (Saffron's fiance) comes to join her and plays a few games of chess.

Candy wants to give Mint a friendly hug, become good friends with her and she also wants to know her star sign.

No heart farting - which I half expected.
It is the first time I can remember her wanting to know another woman's star sign.

There is only ever one man and one thing on this guys mind!!

Cello ... you are SO PREDICTABLE!!!

Mallow is my hero ...
he has managed to tame a cheating bisexual, uncontrollable baby machine, who as a rule is worse than Red.  I just wish I could find someone to tame her!!

I should drop a photo booth on their garden - lmao!!

Saffron is very persistent with the chat phone calls!!

This game is a joke sometimes!!
There is a pop up ... APPARENTLY Mint and Saffron have just had a beautiful wedding ceremony!!
while mint is in the park talking to her Dad and Saffron is god knows where chatting on the phone ...
yeah right!!


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