Thursday, 24 October 2019

Boolprop Asylum ... Update 3

You would think having two genies in the house, we wouldn't be facing this MESS!!!!
However, neither of them have worked their magic and instantly cleaned the house yet!!

I feel your frustration!!

wolf bashing at its best!!!

Leo has found the guitar and half way to getting a skill.
For the House Battle ... I am not going to check their skills until the end.

That is never going to last!!

Cosmic gets to do some badly needed cleaning in the bathroom, while most of them are sleeping!!

Told you!!  
Holly is out again, and has woken most of them up.

Cosmic is kicked out of the bathroom, so he makes a start on his writing skill,
by writing a book.

Hello Basil

Is there anyone that Calypso has NOT slapped yet?!

"Why do they NEVER clean up after themselves!!"
Because that is what you are there for!!

You tell him Richie!!!

We now have a couple of bare buts in the living room!!

Just don't turn round Cos!!

(Cough) I need to learn to take that adult mod out of my game when I am doing challenges 😂
I blame Cororon!!!!

Richie hasn't been slapped yet - so she rectifies that!!

I am very nervous about Calypso getting the fire spell!!
She is practising her witch magic, so she might get there!!

Angry Strawberries


It looks like someone started cooking and walked off and left it.

Calypso spoils the fun by putting out the fire!!

"Hey maid!! I am sick of seeing all the dirty plates lying around!!"

Richie saw that prank coming!!

Awww Jazz is out.


Cosmic doesn't have the over emotional trait so I'm not sure which one is making him cry so much!!

Leo has got himself a new friend!!

What is it with the angry fruit with fangs?!
First strawberries now pineapples!

Night Jazz!!

The poor guy is traumatised!!!


Wu is going to end up with brain damage.
She is constantly having her head bashed!!

Yes you broke it!!

The computer is also broken which sucks because Cosmic has books to write,
which he can not do until HE has fixed it!!  Gulp!


"Hey you,  Wall"

"I can see you watching me!!"

"Back off before I nut you!!"

can anyone spot the mistake??!!

Cosmic seems to have a little helper. 

HUH!!  Okay so she did clean the bath,
however she took the clothes out of the clothes basket, 
dumped them on the floor than just walked off?!

Everyone is now getting stir crazy,
however there is only Cosmic I can do anything about!!

He goes out to collect things off the ground to sell, so he can pay the bills.

Flowers are a good money earner ... normally
except this is a $5 flower ... that is not paying the bills!!

Hello Forrest!!

Amusingly Forrest's biggest fan is also out.
I spy Red's ghost in the distance!

Just stay away from the Asylum!!!

Oops!! Silver has wandered off the lot and is stood talking to herself.
(Motherlode - 10)

Forrest isn't really into men, even tho he likes to pretend he is!!

A ghost who faints at the sight of other ghosts - or is it the werewolves?!
Either way, that is amusing!!

Total bedlam is going on in the bedroom again

Shame he has to sell all his paintings!!

Yeah someone picked up something they shouldn't when he was out.

Meet FRED the turtle ... the new asylum pet.

Cosmic found a $600 flower, so we splashed out on a turtle tank.
The witches will like it, they now have a familiar.

The dust is flying again
Calypso is beating someone up.


At least the turtle loves him!!!

Davina has pinched the easel and the computer is broken,
so Cosmic takes a nap.

Only Plumbob are gaining skills at the moment.

Leo is keeping them occupied, so Cosmic takes advantage of it and gets into the bathroom to do more repairs and cleaning!!

That cat is Pepper

Cosmic is taking a risk with hardly any Handy skill,
but he needs that computer working!!

Thankfully he didn't even get fried ... so he gets to write some more of that book.

These two I know at least have a woohoo skill level ... lol

Cosmic is now half way to maxing his Painting skill.


The way they react to the life sized doll is amusing

I think the turtle has spurred Dab into start practicing his witch magic.

It is snowing outside!!

mmmmm I wander how many of them will wander outside,
 to make a snowman, with their Hate the Outdoors trait.
Maybe I should give them points if they do!!

... POINTS ...

SMUSTLE - 10  (Calypso wandering off lot)
MOTHERLODE - 10 (Silver wandering off lot)

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