Sunday, 27 January 2019

Bee My Alien ... Update 2

At home all is well, no fire from 102 abandoning his cooking. Ha! Ha!

102 on the other hand is at the festival ground, where he SHOULD be holding a vaccination clinic.
However he decides to sneak off first like a naughty child to get his face painted.

His first vaccination victim arrives, 
and he looks like a right twat wearing bright pink lipstick!!!!

for a while nobody else appears so he stands boring the woman to death,
talking about his gardening, which she is not the slightest bit interested in.

Then his victims start to come in droves,
so he gets on with vaccinating them all in the pouring rain.

Notice it is only the men that he is heart farting!!

What is with all this heart farting men?
102:  I don't like women, they are all whores!!
(choke) not all women are like your Mother, she is a one off!!

I have clocked what Rafe is doing.  at noon he goes out to do his Paparazzi job, 
and does not return home until midnight.

At the moment he is stood outside the school just hanging around.

Checking the consignment store on the off chance that they sell space rocks.
but they didn't.

His visit was not entirely a waste, he did manage to harvest some honey finally!!

His gardening skill it now at level 5, but he is far from growing a perfect plant yet,
which he needs to do for his lifetime wish.

 He FINALLY gets around to finish cooking his pancakes from this morning.
So yes, that oven is fireproof .. lol

It is raining and the sky is too cloudy to see any stars,
but he tries anyway.

I have noticed that Rafe seems to have quit his Paparazzi job,
because he is no longer going out of the house during the daytime.

102 has the weekend off, so after sleeping for half of the day he goes out, 
to find seeds and space rocks.

He only finds a couple, so the Aliens are about somewhere at night,
they just have not been here yet.

102 "What do you see?"
Rafe:  "A clowns face, why, what about you?"
102:  "Just your cute face!!"
Rafe:  "Straight back at ya!!"

Why don't you adopt a cat.
102: NO!!!  Do you know how traumatised I was as a child
 by those ghost cats wandering around the house!!
Okay, no cat then!!

A random guy comes to visit


with maxed woohoo skill,
he has to be one of the secret rendezvous guys from the spa!

Make yourself at home Dedrick!!

It has been exactly one week ......

Here comes the Alien to take 102 for a ride!!

Enjoy your trip!!

Aophpo is an elderly alien

102:  I have just been violated!!  Poked and prodded and ...."
Well you knew what you was signing up for!!!  
How else did you think you was getting an alien baby!!

To de-stress he goes to play in the freezing cold ocean,
and comes back home with chattering teeth.

I swear this boy has a death wish!!

Dedrick is still here in the morning.

He might be smiling now but he won't be when he realises,
he has an alien bun in his oven!!!

I am beginning to think that Dedrick came here to visit Rafe.
They are kind of attached at the hip!!

102 has not had the chance to do a lot of painting since Rafe arrived,
because he keeps leaving half finished paintings on all the easels.

102 quits his Paramedic job and gets the job he should have got in the first place!!

Our visitor is still here and he is wrecking the joint!!

A good way to get him started on his Handiness skill,
repairing the broken sink and toilet.

Now he has a belly full of alien, he doesn't need to use the telescope
so he is improving his logic by playing chess instead.

Is he ever going to leave??!!

We hear an alien spaceship

It looks like Aphpo is coming for a visit.

He spends a few hours here making friends with 102.

102 should not be taking that mud bath,
he has just extended his life by a day!!

Rules broken!! -1

102 comes out of work waddling like a pregnant duck!!
He doesn't get maternity leave for carrying an alien baby ... because who would believe him!!

He wanted to upgrade something so he is making the sink unbreakable.

Rafe is just constantly painting, now we have finally lost our visitor.

and one good thing, when he does finish a painting it sells it and frees up the easel.
We don't see the money though!!!!

Who ate all the pies??!!
102 is getting rather chubby!!

and guess who comes calling AGAIN the next night ....

Aphpo is back for another visit.

102 is friends enough with him to ask him to stay over,
giving him more time to get to know him better.

By the morning they have become best friends and Aphpo has moved in.

(evil grin ... we now have our hands on an alien spaceship!!)

Aphpo XiCokmeq

Loner - Family Orientated - Genius - Easily Impressed - Friendly

Their flirting has progressed to amorous hugs.

The three of them have heart farted each other and seem to get on well.
It will be interesting to see which one 102 ends up with, if any.

He has rolled no romantic wishes yet ... he is so not like his Mother!!

Baby is coming.

It is a girl.


Good and Neurotic

Tell me you are scared of the baby!!??
102: No ... its the thunder and lightning outside!!



+ 10 ... Alien Pregnancy (Leia)
+ 5 ... Alien Best Friend (Aphpo)
+ 10 Alien Space ship (from Aphpo)

- 1 ... Taking a mud bath


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