Friday, 5 October 2018

Boolprop House Battle 3 - Update 5 (Results & House Baby)


The scores for the last update

Clovis = 140
Silver = 140
Richie = 130
Kylie = minus 10 
Leo = minus 50
Davina = minus 70
Jasper = minus 80
Dab = minus 120


Kylie = "You have got to be joking me!!!!"

Forget the pain ... Dab is now flirting with Clovis

He has also be blowing kisses at Clovis, which I missed!!

Oh Silver .... you have just blown it!!!
It was a tie for winner untill just!!
Clovis and Silver were both on 140 points each.
If it had finished a tie I was going to make Clovis and Silver eat one more Jelly Bean,
to get an out right winner.  However Silver has just handed it to Clovis on a plate!!

Clovis, Silver or even Richie could have won this in the last few moments
but, Motherlode well and truely bummed out at the last minute!!!!!

Silver = NAPPING ON THE BED (Positive) - 10
Richie = SLEEPING ON THE BED (Positive) - 20

Leo = FEELING BLUE (Negative) + 30

and the stork is about to land!!

Notice the SECOND cot ... 
we are going to need it!!! (gulp)


We have a little boy

WooBob 1

Yes she has not finished yet!!!!

my game is a nightmare for spitting out twins with no reason!!


and WooBob 2

is a little girl!!

there is a fight on to feed the little boy!!

and Clovis doesn't care that he just watched Davina feed him!!
WooBob 1 is now stuffed ..... (Negative) - 10
he takes after his Dad, he is points dropping already!!!

I guess we can forgive Kylie for that pee on the carpet!!
The battle is over anyway!

Results of the Battle

Only Silver, Richie and Leo altered their final score in this update

Clovis = 140
Silver = 140 - 10 = 130
Richie = 130 - 20 = 110
Kylie = minus 10
Leo = minus 50 + 30 = minus 20
Davina = minus 70
Jasper = minus 80
Dab = minus 120

How to score this to make it fair (scratches my head!!)

1st Clovis = 100 points for winning the battle (Llama)
2nd Silver = 40 points (Motherlode)
3rd Richie = 20 points (Motherlode)

(Had to do it that way to make sure Llama who won got more points 
than Motherlode's combined 2nd and 3rd place)

I will add those points to the relevant score cards

and we have the CUTEST little pair of Mascot Juniors!!!

WooBob 1

and WooBob 2

I will put the House Baby points on Woohoo and Plumbobs Scorecards


WooBob 1 and 2 now need proper names 
which is our next mission!!!


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