Saturday, 14 July 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 17

Yes the baby is coming ....

Baby 15 is a boy


and he is not arriving alone

Baby 16 is a girl

Virtuoso and Neurotic

and we have another hybrid

She is a Fairy / Werewolf

Ben is only a fairy

Loves the Outdoors and Neurotic

not sure where his purple eyes have come from

a nearly dead garden!!

Boo is out

Benji is graduating

but it glitched out and he never got to go to the town hall
he was deemed most likely to take over the world.

Baby Chimes!!

It is move out time for Benji and Buttercup
They are now living in a new house together, opposite the grocery store

Cute little werewolf fairy

Bruce is brave pranking Billie while he has fur and teeth!!

he is not a happy wolf!!

They make a start on teaching the twins to talk

Betty seems to like being a werewolf the most

I am surprised to see Brodie polishing the genie lamp

and out comes the genie ... Tarik

They chat for a while, then he plays on the computer.
Returning himself back to his lamp, he wasn't out long.

Baby sick

Billie has put his fur and teeth away

The boys decide to go out trick or treating

they visit Rocky's house first

then Jazz's

Woohoo music coming from the third house - so I doubt they will open the door lol
but we never found out because the game crashed ... gggrrrrr

I am not sure that this world likes NRASS SP.  It did 108 weeks on the rainbow babies on EA SP, and is still going strong.  This one is already playing up 😕

second attempt at teaching the newest twins to talk

Billie wanders off in the middle of the night.
Its is 1am and he is snorkling in the sea.

he doesn't return home until 6am.


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