Friday, 24 August 2018

Boolprop House Battle 1 - Day 6


What they are up to at the beginning of day 6 ....

Sick of brushing her teeth, Wu finally decides she wants to fix the bathroom

It is amusing that only ONE of the houses has a romantically attached couple.
None of the other pairs are remotely interested in each other (so far)

Davina finishes another painting

Plumbob now have seven paintings on the wall

It is nothing but smut in Smustle!

Seriously not again!!!
Both Llama and Woohoo are constantly breaking their sink and bathroom!!

Davina has started on another painting

and so has Richie

Its a good job they are both working on their skills because there is definitely no painting going on in Llama!!

Its nice to see Woohoo working on skills too instead of having fun!

Plumbob had another flood, but Davina fixed the bathroom straight away on free will
(She has the handy trait)

Jasper is killing me with that book.
He keeps it in his inventory and constantly reads it over and over

"Keeping Health, Fit and Tied" .... Tied??  What does that even mean?  

Motherlode is like the no nonsense house ....

Silver fixes the flood straight away, while Richie gets back to his painting

Llama are just sitting watching their new sink flood getting bigger

Welcome back to the fun house

They won't be laughing when they need to pee!!

flood ... what flood??

The Llama guys have now totally gone to pot!!!

Clovis needs to fix the sink - to clean away the bad food - to free up the side to cook on
but will he work it out?!

Richie has finished another painting

Motherlode now have six paintings on the wall

someone is snoring!!

Clovis has worked out he needs to fix the sink!!

and Woohoo are just realising that they should have fixed their bathroom!!
There is only the carpet to pee on!!!

Let's do it together ... three, two, one ....

No it isn't nice when your clothes and carpet stinks of pee!!

Yay!!  Jasper goes in to fix it


Paintings on the wall = 6
Skill Levels = 17

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 16

Paintings on the wall = 2
Skill Levels = 10

Paintings on the wall = 7
Skill Levels = 25

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 11


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