Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Boolprop House Battle 1 - Day 3


This is what they are all up to at the beginning of day 3 ......






Mmm maybe not quite the cute couple after all ...

Wu gets a scare then heckled!!

Someone else is getting yelled at!!
Davina can't sleep because of Leo's constant guitar playing.
Sorry love but you aren't parting him from his favourite toy!!  He is at that thing as soon as he wakes up, before he has even taken a pee, done his daily workout or eaten his breakfast!!

Clovis finally gets round to fixing the sink

Painting 3 is left unfinished while Davina starts a fourth painting

Smustle and Motherlode are sleeping the day away

Kylee just peed herself

but that's what happens when you have no intention of fixing the broken bathroom!!

Woohoo is pretty much falling apart at the moment!!
Lake Woohoo is now ankle deep!

The stink!!
He ate that bad food too ... so that is him throwing his guts up later!!!

and Jasper has just added to the stench!!
He has also peed himself!!
Who is going to notice his bit of pee added to the lake they have!!

I am not sure Davina and Leo have even spoken to each other yet.
She has screamed at him, and that is it!!

Kylee decided she wanted to fix the broken bathroom before she went to sleep.
I think the final straw was watching Jasper throwing up on the carpet!!
His punishment ... he had to mop up the mess!!

Wu is working on her guitar skills

Now Davina has starts her third unfinished painting

While Dab is busy eating Calypso tried to get some painting done

Davina actually finishes this one!!

So Plumbob now have four paintings on the wall

Dab is a piece of work!!!! 😂😂
He tries to hug Calypso and she got annoyed with him ....

so he blows one of his hypnotising kisses

Now she is putty in his hands again!!

I'm amused by all the slow dancing that is going on

three dancing houses

and two sleeping ones.

Leo gets up and he is straight at the guitar

Deja vu .....

Does he care that he is annoying his house mate, and stopping her from sleeping?
Her screams fall on deaf ears!!

Kylee is having a workout

Dab might finally get a skill!!

Wu was having so much fun pillow fighting ... she passed out from exhaustion ... or did Clovis knock her out?!


Paintings on the wall = 2
Skill Levels = 10

Painting on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 9

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 3

Paintings on the wall = 4
Skill Levels = 13

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 6


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