Thursday, 10 January 2019

House Battle 4 - Day 4


We have two fishing in their undies today!!!

It was very uneventful until noon,
when Wu stopped fishing to mop up a puddle

Clovis gave up not too long after,

closely followed by Richie.

Calypso quit at 2pm, needing the toilet.

I think Clovis has decided to do some laundry!!
Those Pj's that he constantly lives in needed washing ... they were starting to stink a little.

by 4pm there was only Leo and Dab left fishing.

seriously enough already!!!

I would love to know why they keep fighting!!

6pm and the two underwear clad males are still fishing!

Jasper and Davina are busy having fun!

Amusingly Wu came out at 9pm to do a little free will fishing.

Not long after Dab went to the toilet, Leo followed him




Amorous hugs

Oh boy!!

Now Dab and Leo seem to be attached at the hip!

Wu was still fishing, but decided a punch up with Clovis is more fun.

Dab is playing dirty!!
Keeping Leo hooked with his lethal kisses!!

and Llama are having ANOTHER punch up in the background!!!

Leo stop .... you are so NOT gay!!!
I have 8 years worth of women and children to prove it!!!!

I think those two are getting ready to board the love train!!



52 fish caught


41 fish caught


75 fish caught


75 fish caught


69 fish caught


I am pretty shocked by Motherlode!!
They actually have the advantage with this challenge, having two Anglers!!

Smustle = 75
Plumbob = 75
Woohoo = 69
Motherlode = 52
Llama = 41


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