Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Boolprop House Battle 3 - Update 1

Boolprop House Battle 3 .... Jelly Bean Weekend!!


So what to do when you have a bunch of House Mascots and a load of Jelly Bean Bushes
while you are sat waiting for a baby bump to pop and hatch ?!

Sneak in another battle and totally over dose on sugar!!!
After this I think we will all be sick of the sight of Jelly Bean bushes!! 

So instead of zapping Silver back to them, they have come to her! 
The remaining seven Mascots have joined her, in the Jelly Bean room.  They are all now going to spend the Weekend in there together, while we wait for the first House Baby to arrive ... and they get to eat more Jelly Beans, this time, totally of their own free will.

They have no activities items available to distract the, so it should be just social interaction and eating Jelly Beans..
I will leave them to autonomously do whatever, including eating Jelly Beans, and just like Battle 2,
the Jelly Bean effect on them will earn and lose them points.

As we are two Mascots short ...
To make it a little fairer, this time they are going it alone, they will be playing for themselves.
The Mascot who scores the most points will win the Battle.
Wu and Calypso can still earn points for their team, if they haunt us,
they will get points for it.

The Battle will end when the baby arrives.

Same scoring system applies, with a few added extra's

Points Earned

Death by Jelly Bean + 200
Dying any other Death + 100
Getting Electrocuted + 40
Catching Fire + 40
"Too Spicy" (Breathing Fire) + 30
"Feeling Blue" (Turning Blue) + 30
Any Negative Moodlet +20

Points Deducted

"All Glowy" (Turning Yellow) - 30
Any Positive Moodlet -10
Sleeping in the bed - 20
Napping on the bed - 10
Consuming anything other than Jelly Beans and Juice - 20
Grimmie letting you off Jelly Bean death -180
Grimmie letting you off any other death -80
Having another sim putting out your fire - 30
WOOHOO - 20 off each sim 😈

Bonus Points

Peeing themselves on the carpet + 20
Throwing up in the toilet + 10
Throwing up on the carpet + 20
Passing out or sleepin on the floor + 20
Appearing in jelly bean ghost form  + 30
Appearing in any other ghost form + 20
For getting Brain Freeze moodlet + 10 
Putting out another sim on fire + 30

House Baby Points.

These points will be awarded separately, and not as part of the Battle.
House Baby + 100 per baby
(Split 50/50 if parents come from different houses)
I will add them to the relevant October scorecards.


So we had better get on with it ..........

While I have been concentrating on the Jelly Bean trials, there must have been a hell of a lot going on in the other building.  I am pretty shocked, surprised and very amused by what I found, and especially by how quickly it has all happened!!

I was going to try and hide what is going on romantically with the House Mascots, because I wanted to tease you a little longer.  However, it was impossible for me to do that, when we have "Lord of the Wink" and "Romeo" in the house, constantly performing in the background of most of the shots I am taking!!  And I am not even talking about Dab!!!

Meet "Lord of the Wink" and his Mrs!

These two have TOTALLY gone STUPID!!!!
Joined at the hips, lips and never very far apart!!

Then we have Romeo, over there on the left, dressed all in green!!

Wait!!  Clovis is eating a Jelly Bean

Jasper the sly monkey, has smuggled a book in from the other building.

Clovis = SUGAR RUSH (Positive) - 10

 Back to Romeo ... I mean Leo ... and his little love triangle!!

 That is what you call ... I am in your face and don't you forget it!!!
Tut! Tut! Tut! Leo ... you bad boy ... now you are in trouble!!!

To be fair ... Leo does not know whether he is coming or going, or even what he wants.
He has both Kylie and Silver fighting over him constantly. 😂
Because he is romantically attached to both of them!!! (cough)
So don't be surprised if you see some anx!!

but still you don't know which one of them is due to pop a baby bump do you!!! 😏
Davina? ... Kylie? ... Silver?

Either way, if you were quick to work it out ...
the baby is going to be half a Plumbob ...
but is the other half going to be Woohoo or Motherlode??!!

You will have to wait and see ... (whistles)

Richie  = FASCINATED (Positive) - 10

Poor Silver needs a cold shower, because she is seriously getting edged out by Kylie!!

Wait, why is she showering with her clothes on??!!

So now it looks like she is going to take her frustration out on Dab.
I have to say Dab has been VERY quiet without Calypso.
However, I doubt that will last!!

He is thinking about it!
Come on Dab ... it is time to redeem yourself after Battle 2!!

No!!  lmao!!  He just loves having a minus score!!

Dab = SUGAR RUSH (Positive) - 10

Just so Silver knows who Romeo belongs to!!

Silver, bless, is breaking her neck to get at Leo.
She follows him around like a love sick puppy!!

It looks like Woohoo and Plumbob have formed an alliance!!  
They have definitely joined forces!!
What would one of their babies be called? .... a WooBob?!  😂😂

Don't worry I am still watching the Jelly Bean bushes!!

Richie = FEELING BLUE (Negative) + 30

Clovis = BUZZED (Positive) - 10

Richie is on a roll!

Richie = SMELLY (Negative) + 20

and Dab just keeps on sinking!!
Smustle are going to be seriously in debt if he doesn't pull his socks up!!

Dab = BUZZED (Positive) -10

Jasper is going for it!

and so is his shadow!!!!

Jasper = TOO SPICY (Negative) + 30

Aww matching suffering ....they are made for each other don't you think!!!

Davina = TOO SPICY (Negative) + 30

Can you see what I have in my face all the time!!
2 x WooBob smut!!

I think Silver might have given up at this point

Come on Dab ... pick a negative one!!

Nope!!!  Positive again

Dab = ALL GLOWY (Positive) - 30

Silver = NAUSEOUS (Negative) + 20

Even Jasper and Davina's thoughts are synchronised!!!

and watch Dab and Richie ... there are rarely apart, and I don't know who is following who!

Davina = SUGAR RUSH (Positive) - 10

Jasper = EMBARRASSED (Negative) + 20

Silver = ITCHY (Negative) + 20

That is Leo and Kylie in the shower
Woohoo is taxed in this house!! 😆

Leo = WOOHOO (Positive) - 20
Kylie = WOOHOO (Positive) - 20

Clovis is picking again

Clovis = FEELING BLUE (Negative) + 30

Dab is thinking about the Jelly Bean bush for a moment ...

Then he gets distracted by Richie
I am really starting to worry about how much time they are spending together!!

Richie = SUGAR RUSH (Positive) - 10

Duel attack coming
Silver and Clovis

Maybe not ... Clovis had a clapping fit first!

Silver = ADRENALIN RUSH (Positive) - 10

Kylie and Leo are still camped out in the bathroom. Mmmmm
At least Jasper and Davina do keep eating Jelly Beans in between all the smut!!

Clovis = TERRIFIED (Negative) + 20

Silver = BUZZED (Positive) - 10
Clovis = TERRIFIED (Negative) + 20

Davina = WARMED (Positive) - 10

Jasper = ALL GLOWY (Positive) - 30

See the puddle by Davina's feet .... Clovis just peed himself!!
Finally points for pee on the carpet !!

Clovis = PEEING ON THE CARPET (Negative) + 20

Richie is not letting the stink of pee get in the way of him eating.

and Look at Dab again ... he only ever seems to have one thing on his mind ... Richie (gulp!)
What happened to the smooth lady killer from Battle one??!!

Richie = EMBARRASSED (Negative) + 20

Clovis is raking these points in ... lmao!!!

Clovis = PASSING OUT ON THE FLOOR (Negative) + 20

Kylie and Leo again

Leo = WOOHOO (Positive) - 20
Kylie = WOOHOO (Positive) - 20

Who's idea was this??!!!
Now to add up all the points so far!

CLOVIS = (Negative) + 30 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 20  (Positive) - 10 - 10 ....110 - 20 = 90
RICHIE = (Negative)+ 30 + 20 + 20 (Positive) - 10  - 10 .... 70 - 20 = 50
DAB = (Negative) (Positive) - 10 - 10 - 30 = minus 50
JASPER = (Negative) + 30 + 20 (Positive) - 30 .... 50 - 30 = 20
DAVINA = (Negative) + 30 (Positive) - 10 - 10 .... 20 - 20 = 10
SILVER = (Negative) + 20 + 20 (Positive) - 10 - 10 .... 40 - 20 = 20
LEO = (Negative) (Positive) - 20 - 20 = minus 40
KYLIE = (Negative) (Positive) - 20 - 20 = minus 40

This is going to be a very long weekend ... lmao!!


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