Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Candy Door 3 - Update 4

The cat caused £300 of damage as well as killed Judes unfinished painting.
Me I would have kicked the cat out ... but they ignore the cat's bad behaviour!!

That's it Jude you just reward Sammy with a treat ... lol

So yeah ... now Sammy has a scratch post and box of toys to keep him amused and prevent him from wrecking any more of the house.

Now Jude is on the cat hype

And we go the hole hog!!  He now has a cat tower and a little box!!
After two whole days of being here ... the cat obviously has no intention of leaving this house and going home.

Bad parenting!!  I blame the cat!!

Sammy is amusing me
Occassionally he goes outside - stands on the door step then comes straight back in.

I didn't kit any of the houses out for pets (cough) but then who does?

I know Sammy doesn't have anything at home - not even a cat bowl
so I guess it is no wander he wants to stay here rather than go home!!

Candy and Jude are both now obssessed with this cat.
But he does keep meowing at them so I think he is asking for attention

I am not even sure that the cat is a he ... I am just guessing because of his name.

Jake is the last one to be potty trained
All their skill teaching is done.


Peek a boo!

I am not sure Jude should have even been trying to repair that computer yet.
After he electrocuted himself (gulp) the repairman was called in.

$445 she earned for that one

Every day Sammy is marking Candy

It tickles me just how much attention this cat is getting off both Candy and Jude.
If they owned him and he lived here - they would be ignoring it!!

They have just sneaked past Risky!!
BABY CHIMES ... tut!!

Saffron and Mint have JUST had a baby and what is Saffron doing?!
Phoning Candy for a date - tut!

Sammy is now getting his portrait painted.

I see Red walking past with another baby bump.

That is one happy cat!!

Jude cracks me up!!
The very first cooking related wish he rolls .... to make gourmet pet food for Sammy.

Now that cat is NEVER going to want to go home!!

I just KNEW her good behaviour was never going to last!!
She has found Forrest AGAIN!!!

Zebulon ... what sort to name is that - lmao!!

and the inevitable divorce follows.
This time Marty is out on the street .. Ashley and his wife take him in - bless.
and I am laughing when I see that both Marty and Forrest start being stung for child support!!

They have both had the "Want to get married" wish since the triplets arrived
Now the bedlam has quietened down...

They get Engaged and Married.

They both roll a wish to have a child .. lol

Just in time ... the baby bump pops

and of course Sammy is still here

Today Jude is the one being marked

$190 she earned for this one

Jude and Candy make a really cute couple!!

look who is under the bed .. lol

The triplets are having their birthday


gained the Loves the Outdoors trait


he gains the Angler trait


she gains the Athletic trait

and now the cat has five sims buzzing around it constantly!!

hysterically all three of the triplets roll a LTW at the same time - Cat Herder.
I've ignored it for now

I watch a very pregnant Caramel walking past, so I'm guessing she is letting Forrest off for his affair with Red AGAIN!!

that's when I notice - Forrest is back to hiding out in the gym

See ... that cat is SPOILT here!!
I wander if Cello and Mallow have noticed their cat has not been home in FIVE DAYS!!

Jude painted this one

Sammy has woken all three of the triplets up during the middle of the night, but they don't seem bothered about it!

Candy is stir crazy so she goes out to pick some more wildflowers.
She is only rolling painting wishes at the moment.

First day at school

feeding time at the zoo


I am wandering if there is a way to adopt the cat off Cello??
He obviously does not want to go home


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