Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 16

As usual Dad is the one teaching walking and talking skills

Buttercup gets herself a job at the stadium

One of Rocky's children is having a baby in the street.
LMAO @ Grimmie getting involved.

working on her athletics skill which is already at level 4

Benji is very shy even around all his family and would much rather be on his own.

Buttons is getting THREE age up attempts a night
The game is trying - but it is just not happening

all that is happening is her hair and clothes are changing
and she is causing error trap messages which are freezing the game up

Billie:  What was that noise?

Your brother snoring while your parents make your next brother or sister!!

Forrest starts on Betty's potty training

I forgot Benji was a hybrid until I saw him practising his witch magic

Baby sick

It amuses me that it takes a few days before the werewolf shiny eyes appear

So ... I had to do something drastic.😭
Buttons is broken beyond repair and is NEVER going to age up I don't think.  If I do it in CAS, it is just going to keep happening when she gets to her next life stage and she is going to break the file and my patience keep setting off three error trap freeze ups every night

So I force killed her (cringe) it was either that or start this challenge again.
Hopefully she won't cause any problems as a ghost.

So the child count has now rolled back to 14 - boys = 8 and girls = 6

Brodie is having her birthday

She gains the vegetarian trait

Baby number 16  15

I spot Hayley pushing one of Red and Forrests Grandchildren past the house
(They have seven Grandchildren now)

This one is Baylee's son ... Blair
I was a little surprised to see he is visibly a hybrid with fairy wings and shiney eyes
He is a werewolf / fairy hybrid .... strange when Baylee is not a werewolf.  Baylee is a fairy and Hayley is human.
Since when did children inherit occults from their grandparents??

Forrest is the only one awake.
He went all through the night working on his Athletic skill which he has already maxed

Strangely he is the only one that is mourning Buttons.
Nobody else seems to have noticed she is no longer with us!!

She is entitled to be a little Diva!!
Little miss Fairy / Werewolf / Witch

Buttercup spends a lot of time playing with Betty ... I think she will make a good Mom

The three boys are on A grades
Brodie is on a C grade

Billie is in his werewolf form

Red is slacking with her painting skill ... she is only at Level 8

Billie and Betty have both found a nanite while they have been practicing hunting
that is handy to know when there are no nanite spawners in this world 😀

Doesn't the fairy house just make you laugh!
While ALL of their children are sleeping in there ... they are woohooing!!

We saw you Leafy .... Peeing yourself!!

There is a hairy brown dog eating Key Lime Pie

Buttercup is graduating.
Its a shame because Buttons should have been graduating with her too today!

This is Bobbie
He is Boyd and Vanilla's oldest child

and Kandice is now elderly ... and strangely she doesn't look like she is a vampire any more!!

Oops ... Alpine and Meadow are being a little naughty on the bench in public 😂😂
blame Cor she gave me the adult mod 😋

You look much better with your clothes on!!

Shame on you Lacey!!!
Brant is a kid and Rocky is stood right behind you!!

Judith is another one of Boyd and Vanilla's children

Betty is bored so she is scratching up the bench

Lloyd is another one of Red and Forrests Grandchildren.
He is Brandy and Derek Strongs son

They have 8 Granchildren at the moment
Forrest has a wish locked in to have 10 Grandchildren ... only 2 left to go

Rocky ignored Lacey flirting with Brant - because he has been too busy dancing with one of the paps

Benji is having his birthday

He gained the Eco Friendly trait

LTW = Cat Herder

The baby is coming

In the next update 😝


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