Sunday, 6 January 2019

House Battle 4 ... Day 1


The Boolprop house mascots have landed on Shark Island (again)
and will be living in this glass house for the next week.

let's hope they don't get throwing any stones!!

Them throwing stones is a possibility, as they might get VERY bored living here.
The house only caters for their needs, and there are no activity items at all, for them to play with

All they have are ten wishing wells, outside.
 IF we are lucky, we might have one of them, out of boredom, wishing for love and kissing a frog!!
However, that is not the reason why they only have the wishing wells to play with.

Yes, they will be doing some fishing for the fourth house battle.

Your ten house mascots will spend the next week (7 days) Fishing.
The battle is on to see which house can catch the most fish.

As the fishing tournament does not start until 8am in the morning,
they have the rest of the night to get to know each other.
(A new battles .... so they are fresh copies of the mascots)

Things don't seem to be kicking off very well for the Smustle pair.

Getting soaked will teach them for trying to steal coins unsuccessfully!!

Although they have heard me saying that I will give them 10 house points for every lucky coin  they have in their pockets at the end of the week!!

So of course Motherlode are straight onto the coin stealing!!

I will be leaving the moscots TOTALLY to free will!!
The only thing I will do is at 8am every morning I will make them start fishing.
What they do after that is totally up to them!!

The house is now a swamp of puddles because half of the house mates are soaked from falling into the wells.  
The puddles are keeping Wu happy at least, as she now permanently has a mop in her hand.

Only a few hours in and already
Kyle and Silver are buzzing round Leo trying to get his attention.

Leo, as usual, is too layed back to care!!

Things are going from bad to worse for Smustle,
Calypso and Dab, are seriously not getting on.

4am in the morning and Davina, Silver and Clovis  are still messing about with the wishing wells,
making wishes and trying to steal coins.
They might end up regretting staying up so late!!

8am sharp and they are all teleported outside to start fishing.
Some are still in their sleepwear because they had to be dragged out of bed.

Waves a magic wand to get them all dressed into their battle clothes!!
So the competition starts .....

The days seems very long, when all you have to do is watch them all fishing.

Up comes the first magic gnome.

I have also said I will give them 10 house points for every gnome they fish up too.

Yeah by the afternoon they are all freezing to death (cough)
of course that was intentional on my part ... NOT!!!
It is autumn now in the file .... so yeah, they have an obsticle to work round ... the cold!!

The cold stopped them all from fishing, so they stood around chatting IN THE COLD instead!!

I am not going to stop them or help them if they are stupid enough to get themselves freezing to death!!!

So they had a cozy night indoors for the most part

Only a stupid few went out into the cold again,
mostly to make wishes, steal coins and natter.

It is not just Smustle who have a bickering pair of mascots.
I've noticed Clovis and Wu are doing a lot of arguing.

And Jasper is on the ball straight away .... flirting with Davina.

(this is becoming a regular thing, even with new copies of them, so I am guessing these two were meant to be!!)

Shockingly Silver flirts with Clovis.

Yeah, she is now wishing she had not bothered!!

I think now is a good time to see how they did with todays fishing!!



22 Fish


17 Fish


21 Fish


20 Fish


19 Fish


Day 1

Motherlode = 22
Smustle = 21
Plumbob = 20
Woohoo = 19
Llama = 17 

They have another 6 days of fishing to do yet, so I doubt this means anything!!

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