Friday, 11 January 2019

House Battle 4 ... Day 5


At 9am, only an hour into the fishing,
Richie quits fishing because .....

.... he had beds to make!!

at 10 am Wu also got the cleaning bug, and quit fishing to clean up the puddles

Davina is heaving!!

Quickly check the kitchen for bad food!

Davina has thrown up .....

Well aren't Jasper and Davina just sneaky - I didn't hear any baby chimes!

Woohoo and Plumbob have another house baby on the way!!

The house mascots seem to be dropping like flies today,
and quitting fishing quickly

Calypso has quit, like Dab and Leo who have both sloped off together too!

Clovis quits, leaving Jasper as the last one fishing

It is a little amusing that Wu has one good friend in the house ... Richie
while she is in the red with everyone else.

I am wandering .... given enough time together if we might get Motherlode and Llama
pairing up like Woohoo and Plumbob have.

Dab is definitely throwing a spanner in the baby works in this battle
he doesn't give Leo a break!!

Llama are off again!!

and this baby is coming a lot quicker than I thought!!

The baby bump has just popped already!!

Davina finally gets Jaspers attention and he stops fishing.
I wander if he realises yet ..... he is about to become a Daddy!!

and look who are watching the starts together!!!

Maybe we do have a Llama Motherlode romance in the making!!

Jasper you RAT!!!!!!

He knocks up Davina, now he is flirting with Kylee!!

Clovis and Silver actually make a cute couple!!

and I think Wu, has anger issues at the moment,
she now seems to be in the middle of a fight with Calypso

All the practice of fighting with Clovis has Wu kicking ass!!

Its all happening in this battle!!!

Jasper & Davina ...
the baby bump
Dab and Leo ....
and Silver and Clovis, who are watching the stars AGAIN together

and Wu is determined to beat everyone up!!

That pretty much says it all doesn't it!!

Amusingly Dab is very empty headed, and not really rolling any wishes.
But then he is not the one being continuously brainwashed with the hypnotising kisses!!!



58 fish caught

50 fish caught


82 fish caught


86 fish caught


84 fish caught


Smustle = 86
Woohoo = 84
Plumbob = 82
Motherlode = 58
Llama = 50


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