Saturday, 25 August 2018

Boolprop House Battle 1 - Day 7


What they are up to at the beginning of day 7 ......

That is the first time I've seen Motherlode in any sort of mess

It looks like Smustle are having the same puzzle as Llama

Until Calypso cleans up the bad food to give Dab a counter to prepare food on

Like I said no nonesense ... Silver soon cleans up the mess!!

Davina has gone back to one of her unfinished paintings

Jasper needs a nap after fixing the bathroom!!

Jasper needs to learn how to use his irresistable trait properly!!
Dab is a pro at keeping Calypso permanently hooked!!

Davina finally finishes this one

Plumbob now have eight paintings on the wall

Wu has lost the plot for a while!!  The counter is empty but she is determined to use the bedside table which has a lamp on it.  After sitting and watching her stamping and yelling for ages I move the lamp for her.  And what does she do ...

She goes to the counter and totally ignores the bedside table!!??

We have two painting in Motherlode!!!

Toilet break and a chat.
Shame because Silver might not go back to that painting now.


This is their norm!!

Davina has finished another painting

Plumbob now have nine paintings on the wall

I think this is the first time I've actually seen them interacting with each other properly (other than Davina screaming at him) but they are still not actually talking!!

Richie has finished another painting

Motherlode now have seven paintings on the wall

Silver surprised me ... she went back to finish her first painting

Motherlode now have eight paintings on the wall

Davina has started another one

well go Jasper ... he has found the easel

and so has Calypso

Yeah ... you just knew Dab would come along to stop her!!

I think there might just be another romantic couple in the making here!!

Llama are definitely not going to get a single painting on the wall!!

Woooo ... Kyle is asleep and Jasper might just complete that painting

I didn't realise just how cruel the Risky 10% is .... they STILL have not beaten it yet!!

Woohoo Jasper has finished his painting

Woohoo now have one painting on the wall

Davina finishes one last painting just in time ... it is 7am

Plumbob now have ten paintings on the wall

I had to wait to see if there were any baby chimes coming from this .....but No! (shame!)
I can't wait to see how a mini Dab will turn out!

As predicted Leo did spend the week playing that guitar!!

I think Jasper has just about had enough now!!

Monday 8am ish ..... TIME IS UP!!


10 points for every painting on the wall
5 points for every skill level

Paintings on the wall = 8 
Skill Levels = 19
Paintings = 80 points
Skills = 95 points
Total points  = 175 points

Painting on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 18 = 90 points
Paintings = 0 Points
Skills = 90 points
Total points = 90 points

Paintings on the wall = 2
Skill Levels = 12
Paintings = 20 points
Skills =  60 points
Total points = 80 points

Paintings on the wall = 10
Skill Levels = 29
Paintings = 100 points
Skills =  145 points
Total points = 245 points

12 + 3 Handy = 15

Paintings on the wall = 1
Skill Levels = 14
Paintings = 10 points
Skills = 70 points
Total points = 80 points



1st ... PLUMBOB = 245 points
2nd ... MOTHERLODE = 175 points
3rd ... LLAMA = 90 points
4th ... SMUSTLE & WOOHOO  = 80 points

I will be adding these points to your scorecords


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