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Vomiting Evil ... DyNasty of Darkness ... Update 1

Vomiting Evil  ....
a DyNasty of Darkness Challenge


The rules for this Challenge can be found over on Boolprop  >>> HERE<<< 


All of the challenges that I am going to attempt

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Meet ... Aracnid Puka

Arac for short.

Evil - Commitment Issues - Kleptomaniac - Inappropriate - Daredevil

Lifetime Wish
Alchemy Artisan

The genetics that will be kept to the end of the challenge
Black Eyes /White Hair/Pointed Ears

After purchasing a very large and empty piece of land, Arac does not have a single penny left to his name.

He has no money for food, and he can not put a roof over his head.
It looks like he might be sleeping on the grass tonight!!

Arac has adopted a cat, and will need some money to get pet supplies, before he arrives.
He also needs to get a cow plant and jelly bean bush.

Next door the Science Facility has some dumpsters, out back.
So he goes rummaging to see what he can find to sell.

the normal rubbish lands on his lot ... time portal and university bucket.
(which can not be sold!)

Arac is not the only ugly person in town.

Living in town are eight other ugly sims 
that were made for me for an ugly bachelor challenge that I did many years ago.
Three of the sims were made by Cororon, JCampbell and Pengy.

After dumpster diving Arac is very stinky.
He makes use of the bathroom in the local gym, taking a shower.

the Puka is puking!!

Being inappropriate Arac doesn't care that he is now walking around town just in his underwear!

Arac = "I am going to burst those over sized fake plastic tits of yours!!" 
Taupass = "They are not fake you cheeky berryhole!!"

Arac = "Yeah right pull the other one, there is no way those are real!!"
Taupass = "Well they are real, so get lost!!"
                                      Arac = "If I was you I would sue your plastic surgeon!!  He has made a right mess of both your tits and face!!"

Enemy number 1 = Taupass

This is John ... Cororon's sim

Arac decides to do a little workout while he was at the gym.
It will come in handy for his future criminal career, especially when he is running from the police!

His children are going to be so damn ugly!!!

From his dumpster dive he got a uselss $3 bug and kicky bag.
He did find a useful stereo and wall clock that he sold for $1840

Quit with the kicky bag, you have a lot to do!!!

Arac now has a few things that he needs for his cat when it arrives.
For himself he got a sleeping bag and pit fire.
He kept the bug and kicky bag.

It looks like it is fish for dinner!

Jasper finally arrives.
Jasper is an adult cat ... gulp ... he is nearly elderly!!
That might be a problem.

Traits = Adventurous, Hunter, Independent

The bug has already come in useful!
Jasper has his own bug television!!

Arac is making friends with his new cat ... 
hopefully Jasper will become his immortal companion.

Dinner time

After eating Arac has nothing else to do, so he goes next door to do a little more dumpster diving.

This time he earned himself $1,100 from selling a games console and dresser.
He kept the chair and a butterfly.

That gave him enough money to put a tiny roof over his head for the night.

Arac is definitely living up to his name, he is constantly puking!!

Home, not so sweet home!!

The jelly bean bush is now in place

Arac uses the Alchemy station to make a start on his alchemy skill, for his Lifetime Wish.

Jasper has followed Arac over to the consignment store, and is helping to set the families bad reputation, by scratching up the couch!!

Which Arac rewards him for!!

Raiding the community garden for food, and things to plant.

Arac spends the rest of the day running around town collecting up things that he can use and sell.

Wild flowers are always a good money earner, so he stripped the festival ground.
He earned $4,631 just from the flowers.

With the money he earned today, he now has a mini kitchen and outside bathroom.

He needs to make a start on his cooking skills quickly, because he needs to be able to make gourmet cat food to keep Jasper young until he can get the potion.

Planting what he can, makes a start on his garden

Being inappropriate Arac is not bothered about getting naked or peeing in full public view.
It is a good job really because he can't afford walls for his bathroom yet.

Arac sneaks off to eat Jelly beans ... huh!
Luckily for him he got a possitive effect ... feeling lucky

Jasper really does not like the large cow now sitting on his garden!!
He spent hours just hissing at it.

The cow plant is called Hannibal. 
Hopefully he will be eating a lot of people for us!!

Breakfast Al fresco

and Hannibal needs feeding!

Nice cow!! 

Not being able to afford to buy a book case or any books at the moment, Arac makes use of the bookcase at the consignment store.  He works on his cooking skill.

Besides the 8 ugly sims there is one of my ugly families in town ... The Swirls.
They have two teenage girls, who could be captive breeder material in the future!

This is Banana (JCampbell's sim)

Banana wants to play .... after a load of heart farting ... lol

Arac you are supposed to be making enemies, not friends!!


(I have decided I am going to start giving out 10 house points every time an NCP or townie shows up in my game randomly wearing a house T-shirt.  So Plumbob get the first 10 points.)

a little more dumpster diving earned him another $1,000

He is back in the gym again, to take a shower after his bin dipping!

Mud baths will help to keep him immortal until he earns enough
Lifetime reward points to get Age Freeze.

Working towards making gem skulls, he uses the consignment gem cutter to cut up all the gem rocks he has collected.

Hoping to get a ghost gnome, cash or gem out of the grabbing machine.
After four attempts he managed to win a teddy bear which he sold for $50.
So he wasted £10 buying a lottery ticket seeing as he was outside the grocery store.

Arac needs a job, so he went to the Criminal warehouse to get one.

Arac buys himself another day of life from the fountain of youth
which is hidden behind the criminal warehouse.

Forget dumpster diving!!!
Arac has just won the lottery!!

It was not a waste of $10 after all!!!

$100,000 will go a long way towards building himself a half decent house!

When he gets home he decides to celebrate by eating cake.
Bad move!!

Day two and he gets eaten by his own cow plant!!!

One vomiting cow!!!
Hannibal gags and up comes Arac THANKFULLY!!!

Too right he is disgusting!!



Jelly Bean Hell 
Jelly Bean bush = 1
Beloved Family Pet
Cow Plant = 1
Scaredy Cat
Black cat = 1

Family Goals
Enemy's = 1


Arac's traits = + 25
Evil - Commitment Issues - Kleptomaniac - Inappropriate - Daredevil
Left with nothing = + 25 
Founder thwarts death by cowplant  +30



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