Friday, 26 October 2018

Vomiting Evil ... DyNasty of Darkness ... Update 2

After his near death experience Arac is now covered in cow spit and he stinks!!!

NOW he decides to feed Hannibal!!!  Tut!

To stop him trying to eat cake again, we get a Bonehilda.
Bones will constantly feed, play with and grab for his cake.

With his $100,000, lottery winnings to spend, we have building to do!!

The basement is first

It has two cells, one furnished and one not yet.

This is where his captive breeder will be living.
Not that we are in a hurry to get one right now.

The ground floor is partially built
and even though there are stairs leading upstairs ... there is no second floor yet.

There is now a fully functional kitchen, bathroom and bedroom for Arac.
The living room and the rest of the ground floor is decorated but unfurnished.

Every arachnid needs a web!! 😑

Arac managed to buy the witches brew potion from the elixir store.
So he is now a witch.

Arac is now able to make Gourmet pet food, which is all that Jasper will be fed with from now on, in an attempt to keep him immortal.

He now has a gem cutter, so he can get to working on those gem skulls

Hello little kitten, and where have you come from?

It looks like Jasper might have brought a friend home with him.

Now he has some money to play with, he is continuously stalking the elixir store, to see what potions he can buy to use on the pesky "Humans" in town.

He is consigning all his gem dust, to make some extra money.

John is now a zombie

The Swirl family

This pap is getting mummy's curse

Making a start on his painting skill,
as Arac will be the one creating all the family portraits in the future.

Bumping heads with his one enemy. 
Silent glares, but no fighting this time.

Arac is off to work, ignoring the carpool, he takes his broom for a spin instead.

I would be very wary of any ice cream van parked up outside the criminal headquarters!!
He is probably there dealing drugs to the criminals!!

There is a lot of dumpster diving going on out the back

Arac got a promotion today

and yeah I haven't renamed him in game yet (cringe)

As predicted, Bones is after Hannibal's cake!

I am not bothered or worried because I know he will ALWAYS spits her out.

(well I wasn't worried until I saw Jenn's cow plant eat her bonehilda and mess her game up!! 😮
I have always used Bones as a decoy with a cow plant - I have seen her eaten millions of times and she is ALWAYS spat out.  Not one single one has ever died this way, for me, so I thought it was programme into the game.  Gulp!!)

Hannibal likes meat on the bones he eats
and Bones definitely has none, so out she comes!!

Well hello Mr Burglar!!
You have picked the wrong house to trespass on!!!

Go Bones!!!!
She got to him first, before Arac could.

He did not even get inside the house to set off the burglar alarm!

I tried to fence him in hoping he would eat Hannibal's cake.
However, the game zapped him away.
That was an epic fail.

Bones grabbed the cake instead and took another return trip into Hannibals guts!

Arac spends his time before work running around town buying and collecting gem rocks.

He is now halfway to making his first gem skull.  Not because of a lack of gem rocks, he still does not have 8 different cuts available to him yet, which initially is holding up the process.

and he found some tiberium, which he is growing to boost his money


Today Arac is dragged out of work and taken to jail.

He spent his time working out ... 
seeing as for the next 6 hours he is wasting time being locked up!!

Arac's photographs are now over the captive breeders bed, 
which he is testing out, and seems to prefer to his own bed!

This is what he stole from work, which had him sent to jail for.
A stuffed dragon worth $175

Arac is now level 3 painting

One of the spires has grown

and Arac has had another promotion

He hits the gym, with the intent to turn and dispose of people.

So the barrister is his first victim.

Arac walks away, pleased with himself, 
thinking he will soon have the first grave for his grave collection.

He would have burnt to death if that STUPID woman had not come along and interfered.
She put the fire out ... Grrrrrr

So of course she has to pay!!!

She didn't set on fire ... so he threw a Lycan potion at her.


It never hurts to practice your magic,
and if she suffers that makes it better!

so she gets an ice spell thrown at her

then another fire spell

Finally he manages to set her butt on fire!!

and off she runs to the toilet to put herself out.

Arac you really suck at this!!!!

Well at least he did managed to turn her into a werewolf!!

Arac is now back to insulting the barister

another fire spell does nothing!

Arac = "Why isn't he burning to his death?"
Julie = " BECAUSE YOU TOTALLY SUCK at being evil!!!

Back at home we have a visitor.

Arac draws her into his torture room with a game of chess.

While Yadira is busy plotting her next move Arac lights a firework and does a runner.

A kicky bag keeps his mind off his burning house!!

Great she must have the brave trait!!

and she puts out the fire!!!!  Huh!

Sorry love the door is locked.

After hours of watching her feed the cowplant over 20 lolipops, 
it was obvious the cow plant was not going to work.

so we tried the jelly bean bush instead.

Arac has brought the magic items, and is now learning some spells that might come in handy.
Summon - Summon Aquaintance - Enchant and Unleash Animal

The jelly bean bush is giving Yadira a pretty hard time.
She is now exhausted, starving and bursting for the loo.

after peeing herself she passes out

I am thinking she should starve soon ....

then the game goes and zaps her away!!
Getting so frustrated right now - nothing is working out!!

well not quite everything ... the skull making is going to plan.

Arac now has 8 different gem cuts available to him so he can make his first gem skull

8 different gems in 8 different cuts

Arac had enough gems to make a second one

Some of these skulls will work out to be worth a fortune (but he can not sell them)



Jelly Bean Hell 
Jelly Bean bush = 1
Beloved Family Pet
Cow Plant = 1
Scaredy Cat
Black cat = 1
Skull Collector
Gem Skulls 2
Human Extinction
Turned = 3
Supernatural Dynasty
Witch (Arac) -

Family Goals
Enemy's = 1

House Goals
Fully functional dungeon with at least two cells


Arac's traits = + 25
Evil - Commitment Issues - Kleptomaniac - Inappropriate - Daredevil
Left with nothing = + 25 
Founder thwarts death by cowplant  +30




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