Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Vomiting Evil ... DyNasty of Darkness ... Update 5

Daddies boy!!!!
Shame he is a spare!

The barrister at the gym is having a dose of fire spell

The game is definitely fighting me
I give up!!

another toad

It is Snow Day, so Arac has the day off work.
He makes use of the time by going to the gym to work on his Athletic skill.
He is FIVE levels behind for work requirements.

Probably the reason he keeps ending up in Jail!!

Skull number 12 (+5)

This one is a Turquoise Gem Skull

The inside of an evil inappropriate mind!!!

That is one creepy picture
that just has to go on the munster house wall!!

Baby number two is coming

It is a girl


Game given Traits = Hates the Outdoors (+5) - Grumpy (+5)

Time to try something new ... I am going to get a grave in the back garden if it kills me!!

So we order a house mate, who will arrive tomorrow morning.

Peek a Boo!!

Arac is now at Level 7 of his career
He is taking the Evil branch of the career.

The house mate has arrived.

Jasper is getting a dose of Young Age potion

Arac is still taking plenty of mud baths, because for once I am totally ignoring his wishes,
so his reward points are not building up very quickly

Darrell is tired when he arrives, and goes straight to the bed assigned to him, 
in the second dungeon cell.

Door Locked!!!

Her parenting skills = dump it in the swing and forget about it

It is just easier to leave the babies and toddlers down here,
because when Arac is at work there is nobody upstairs to look after them.
Not that she is looking after them very well.
He comes back to a starving, stinking, socially neglected little girl!!

Baby number three is on its way.

Triffid is having her birthday

Game given = Mooch trait

Lets hope Hannibal does not eat children!!

and Lucky is out.
She has been sat on the floor most of the time and both Triffid and Lucian have been playing with her.  But she is Triffid's doll.  Lucian did not get one.

Arac stole this huge poster, and FOR ONCE he did not get locked up for it!!!

Large poster = $1,895

Triffid wants to turn her IF real, so she now has a Chemistry table in her room

Almond Swirl calls Arac for a date.

giving up with the fire spell , so he turns her into a fairy

Some one is hungry!!!

The new baby bump has just popped

A fire spell - to see if they work any better at home

Nope the game just puts him out after and load of dancing around.

Sooooooooooo FRUSTRATED right now!!!!

Levi is now a toddler

We have our 2nd Generation heir!!!
(as long as she gets the Kleptomaniac trait)

Levi has the eyes, ears and hair!!
Along with the ugly face and two of the bad traits
 .... she is perfect!!

Nearly lost the 12th skull consigning it - oops! .... 
but it is now where it should be in the museum

Arac is actually a pretty good Dad!!


Red has her uses .... she is attempting to do Arac's portrait

while he magically upgrades the dirty sink.

Red is not a tidy person, and as Bones can not get in here, Arac is constantly having to clean up after her.  Washing dirty plates and disposing of gone off food that has been left on the sides.

Our house mate Darrell is nicely starving.

Levi is so NOT cute!!

Triffid is being a good munster!!
She is skipping school and has gone to the Spring Festival ground instead to search for eggs.

Gnome number 2


more light on the subject does not improve the painting much.

It is okay I suppose, so it is now up on the wall in the museum

While we have a guinea pig to test things out on,
Arac uses the Midas Touch potion on himself

One gold house mate

The gargoil statues outside have been turned gold too

A fireplace has been added to the dungeon cell.
A rug and plant are put next to it, with the intention of starting fires to kill Darrell off.

A fire starts virtually straight away once Arac lights the fire.

I am hoping either being gold or the fire will get him!!

Oh and the baby is coming

Burn Darrell!!  Burn!!!

The game zaps him upstairs ... clean and no longer gold

How is it, that when you don't want them to die ... they die!!
When you want them to die .... the game rescues them?!

We have another boy

Game given traits again (woop!!) = Hates the outdoors (+5) - Evil (+5)

Oh!!  Darrell is having his birthday

A new rug and plant start another fire

Lucian is having his birthday

Game given trait = Hates the Outdoors

The fire is roaring in the second dungeon cell

Both Triffid and Lucian are in danger of burning.

Would so like to see both the IF and Darrell fry ... but it is not happening!!
The fire burns itself out without any loss of life. 

Lucky is keeping herself busy

A third rug and plant are put down, with a couch close by to help the fire spread.
 Again it is not long before another fire starts.

We have hope!!

This time the door was locked so NOBODY could get in,
not even the Firefighters who came to interfer

F I N A L L Y !!!!

Grim is here!!  Woohoo!! 

Bye Darrell!!

Don't get too cosy!!
That fire is being put out ... any more fires from here will be unintentional!!

Everyone in the house is so stressed after the constant fires.
For these two, this was the quickest way to deal with it!
There will be no baby tho ... they do not need any more!

Oh Red .... that was probably your last time!!
(evil cackle!!)

Temper! Temper!

Well I have never seen this before!!

A sign that he will make a good evil munster ... 
shame he is a spare!!

"What did I tell you, you evil little brat!!  You practice your evil OUTSIDE of this house!!
If you want to smash things up ... go do it it in someone else's house, not our home!!"

Ghost Hunter ... Fire death.

Lucian is now booby trapping the bathroom to hell!!
The sink, shower and toilet have got it.
The boy obviously didn't listen to what his Dad told him!!

Red as usual is starting to earn good money for her paintings
$650 this one sold for



Jelly Bean Hell
Jelly Bean bushes =4
(Arac - Red - Triffid - Lucian)
Levi and Lucifer's bushes has not been added yet (cough)
Beloved Family Pet
Cow Plant = 1
Scaredy Cat
Black cat = 1
other cats = 1

Skull Collector (complete)
Gem Skulls 11 + 1 = 12

Human Extinction
Turned = 11 + 2 = 13

Supernatural Dynasty
Witch (Arac) - Simplant (Triffid)
Family of Thieves
Dumpsters/Bins = 3,940
Swiped = $955 + 970 = £1,925
Total = $5,865

Gnome Invation
Gnomes = 2

Ghost Hunter
(need 10 different deaths) = 1
Fire Death -

Family Goals
Enemy's = 1
Family Trait = Kleptomaniac

House Goals

Fully functional dungeon with at least two cells (built)
Attic (built)
Museum (built)


Arac's traits = + 25
Evil (+) - Commitment Issues (+) - Kleptomaniac (+) - Inappropriate (+) - Daredevil (+)
Red's Traits = 0
Over Emotional (n) - Supernatural Fan (+) - Family Orientated (n) - Hopeless Romantic (-) - Artistic (n)
Lucian's Traits = +10
Artistic (n) - Evil (+ 5) - Hates the Outdoors (+5)
Levi's Traits = + 10
Hates the outdoors (+5) Grumpy (+5) 
Lucifer's Traits = + 10
Hates the outdoors (+5) Evil (+5)
Left with nothing = + 25 

Skull collector = + 50
extra skulls =  2 = 12 (+10)
Founder thwarts death by cowplant  +30



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