Sunday, 21 January 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 10

I like Brandy because she has a unique look!!
She doesn't really look like either of her parents, and it is nice for a change!!

Boo is stinky, so Bradley tries to bath him!!

He is having none of that!!
One scratched up Bradley!!

Bradley = "Carry on stinking then, see if I care!!"

Music while he works!!
Bradley loves gardening so much he has decided on his LTW
Greener Garden

The aliens have come to take Bradley for a little trip

I hear a load of screaming out on the street.
Lorraine (Rocky's daughter) is having a baby out on the street.
Poor Boyd was walking past, he had a scream then went into his house and left her too it.
Amusingly the baby is Dereks - he now has 2 children with two different women.

The next baby bump has popped.

Baylee wants a sports career so he gets a job at the stadium

I am getting fed up of watching the two werewolves play fighting

At least Blade is enjoying the show

Bee and Baylee are graduating today

I am a little amused that some of the other couples in town are keeping up with Red and Forrest in the baby department.  Meadow & Alpine and Rocky and Lacey are both having another baby.
I shouldn't be surprised with Kandise and Chase having a tonne of children - they had 11 children together in my SWAN wishacy and another 3 each with another partner after they split up.

Hello Grimmie .... you have been very quiet!!

Now that Bee and Baylee have graduated - it is moving out time.
So there is now another house in town.

I decided to move Bee and Baylee into the same house together because Boyd is cracking me up with what he is doing with his house!!
Vanilla, his pregnant girlfriend,  has not moved in with him, probably because she cant.
He lives with 7 cats 😂😂

The twins are having their birthday.


He gained the Virtuoso trait


He gained the Animal Lover trait

That looks like it might be a nice painting

It looks like Forrest has had his but waxed!!! 😂

The girls are both now walking and talking

Forrest gets an invite to Chases party.
No Chase ... there is only Kandise there.
Convenient that ... for Kandise!!

When she tries to flirt with him .... it is time to make him leave!!  Lol!!
Bye Kandise!!!!

At home baby number 11 is on its way
Don't you just love that face eating picture - not!!

A boy ... BENJI

After Benji arrived - my game went a little stupid.
Boo kept glitching and he kept freezing the game throwing up script errors.
I tried to reset him and the town about 10 times before I gave up and .......
I ended up force killing him (cringe!!) So we no longer have Boo (sniff!!)


Loves the Outdoors and Genius


Benji is hybrid
Fairy and Witch.

Baylee invites Forrest to his party.
A party where he is the only guest AGAIN!! 
Since I have put NRASS Story Progression in my game - one guess parties is all that I am getting.
At least with EA SP you get a bunch of guests!!

He has a little dog, which surprised me as he is a cat person and his LTW is to be a cat herder.

Dancing alone is pretty sad Leafy!!

There is more going on over the road than there is at the party.
That's it Boyd, you just blatently stand there continuously staring at Crystal. 
I bet he still has that kiss wish - lol

Bradley has his birthday

He gained the Ambitious trait

LTW = Greener Garden

Boyd now has a little boy called Bobbie

That portrait is awful!!

Forrest rolled a wish to snuggle his Grandson ... so he goes to visit him at Tapestry's house.

Bobbie looks like he is a fairy

I'm a little miffed that the game gave him the name Bobbie as that is one of the B names on my list!!

and of course Red doesn't care that she is now a Grandmother!!

Babies = 11
Boys = 6
Girls = 5

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