Friday, 19 January 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 8

Forrest is invited to Tapestry's party.
Only there is nobody home when he arrives.

Bored he builds an igloo right in front of their front door.

Yeah I have slipped back into playing this the wishacy way .. I am struggling to remember that I am supposed to be controlling them - so I've given up and am playing my normal way.

Vanilla turns up, but he doesn't hang around ... he goes home.

One of Tapestry and Crystals many kids.

Boo is sleeping on the bench over the road ... mad cat, he must be frozen!!

Forrest wants to improve his woohoo level ... to level 4
so there is a lot of woohoo going on, even more than normal.  Tut!!

That is amusing!!
Boyd and Vanilla ... I wander if that is his way to get to Crystal, lol!!

Seriously neurotic over the housework these kids .. lol
I've never had a bunch of kids like this before!!

The baby is coming.

Baby 7 is a boy

and there is more!!

Baby 8 is also a boy

Both just fairies again!!  Pout!!

Oh Tap!!!!
He has seriously amused me - singing for a living in this life!!

Making friends with Rocky has kicked off constant phone calls from him for dates.  She is also getting them regularly off Jazz ...

Forrest has ANOTHER 4 days off work ... he may as well quit his job for all the good it is doing him.
Either that or I need to find the part in SP that is giving him maternity leave every time Red has a baby!!

The baby machine is on a roll and I don't think Forrest will ever get to go to work again!!

Forrest decides to play up one of the paps.

down dog!!!!
Poor Forrest gets his but kicked by everyone!!

and the werewolves are at it again play fighting!!


Neurotic and good


Excitable and Heavy Sleeper

No IF's have arrived for them yet, so they are keeping themselves amused.

Until Dad interrupts their playing to teach both of them to talk.

While Red makes a start on the potty training.

Kandice is driving me nutz keep phoning Forrest for dates.
She is also sending him a lot of love letters and gifts.

Amusingly randomly Kandice's husband, Chase and their daughter Tracie come to visit.

He is well used to Kandice cheating on him, (she is worse than Red for man eating) so maybe he is coming to checkout his wife's new obssession ... Forrest!! 

We get a houseful of paps too.

Way to keep your guests busy and oblivious to the fact ....

that you have sneaked off for some crafty woohoo!!!

Both Vampires are happily eating salad 😂

It doesn't take Red and Chase long to start talking

Yeah I would watch them very closely if I was you Forrest!!

How sad am I!!!  Chase was created in 2011 for my SWAN Wishacy - he is now 7 years old and its probably been 5 years since I played with him ... and I STILL remember his traits!!

Excitable - Party Animal - Over Emotional - Hopeless Romantic - Virtuoso
These two with two shared traits are probably a time bomb waiting to happen

I am howling ....

while Kandice is on the phone asking Forrest on a date AGAIN!!!!
Chace is trying to give Red some flowers!!!

Thankfully she said no and didn't start flirting with him.
She doesn't know yet they share traits!!!
Well look at Red actually behaving herself for once!!!

Anyone would think his world has just ended!!

Too busy watching Red and Chase .... I miss Bradley's birthday

He gained the Virtuoso trait

Such excitement!!

Silly boy!!!  He is going to be sick later!!
There is perfectly good salad and he has to eat stinking gone off cake!!

Either he is pining after Red who has just gone into the fairy house
he is trying to work out what, why and how most of Forrest family are in that strange little house!!

Chase goes outside to do some busking before he goes home.
I very much doubt this will be the last we see or hear of him somehow!!

Baby bump has popped

They need to take better care of the garden - it is helping them to earn some serious money

I can't stop looking at Bradley - I think he is so cute!!
He is a perfect split of his parents - with all Reds colouring and Forrests face and ears.

Daddies little helper!!

Red is actually doing her bit with the twins and helping with their training

😂 and so the Chase date phone calls start!!!!

Brant has come home from school with Brandy
He is another one of Tapestry and Crystals kids

Feeding time at the zoo
Pumpkin Pie .... at least she is cooking pumpkin now instead of carving it up all around the house!!

Brook is having her birthday

She gains the Party Animal trait

Baylee is only really doing two things ... house work and working out

He wanted one, so he got one ....
no doubt we will now lose Forrest to the chess table most of the time.

It is literally snowing inside the house as well as outside ... glitch!!

As Red is waddling around with the baby bump ... I sent Forrest out to collect up the gem rocks lying around at the back of the house.

We hit the jackpot ... he found a Tiberium rock!!

Off to the consignment store to get it cut up

I am a little surprised to see Boyd is now the consignment merchant.  I guess his self employed painting career didn't work out - but I don't know why it shouldn't.

I have also noticed on the family tree that he is now engaged to Vanilla

Hugs from Dad!!

Don't even think about it Forrest!!!

Boo has bought Red a present!!
Mr Snake was only worth $11 sold.

The Tiberium spire and gem piece are outside so that they can grow.

When they have grown they will help to pay for two of the houses hopefully!!


Babies 8
Boys = 5
Girls = 3

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