Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Boolprop Asylum ... Update 2

And so we enter the crazy house!!!

Cosmic is left to his own devises for a while, so he can freely socialise with his fellow house mates.

WU = "What the?!"
Yes Wu that is a life sized doll!!

They are all mostly looking a little bewildered at the moment

Silver is rocking insanity!!

Dab = "I need to see a doctor, I'm seeing things again!!  Life size dolls!!"

Cosmic = "We dug your Dad up for you, he is in the back yard!!"

Leo = "Get lost you crazy doll!!"

Huh!!  Trust Motherlode to fiddle the system!!! 😂

Vampires learn skills at double pace at night ... hense the bat flying above her head.

Even tho I didn't think about that (I'm an idiot) I did think about the vampires being at a disadvantage and more likely to die from thirst, being insane and absent minded, they will forget to feed themselves until it is too late!! 

a dice roll decided the House's occults.

The crazy clothes combinations have started to appear already.

Duuuh!!!  What's my name again??

and while Silver is speeding the guitar skill, Richie is doing the same with the Athletic skill ... Huh!!

Fed up of being a doll already Cos has turned back to his human self.

Want to paint?!  Ha!  
There is going to be a lot of people getting under your feet all the time in this house!!!

And where do you think you are taking that plate of sausages Davina??

Errrm.  Don't know!!

Me neither!!
We don't even have a microwave, so hot dogs are out I'm afraid!!

Cosmic makes a start on his painting skill, 
which he needs before he can register as a self employed painter.

Let's compare teeth, says the werewolf to the vampire!!

Nice jacket ... who did you pinch it off, a leprechaun??

There will be none of that in here Davina.
Well I hope not!!

Them getting to use the bathroom is going to be a TOTAL nightmare.

and a few of the ghosts are out .....

Holly and Christian

they are continually disturbing everyone's sleep!!!

The moon must be out ... 

and because one werewolf is out, the other has to follow

Lets hope that dart lands in the board and nowhere else!!

The fairy pranks are going to really pee everyone off,
especially when they are already cranky!!

Cosmic has flaked out - probably too many ghosts!!!

aaaw Mia is out.

Hello Rocky!

Comic and Calypso are already not coping!!

our alien friend is out too.

The bedroom is bedlam!!

Silver is autograph hunting - lol

This isn't the first time I've noticed Calypso slapping somebody!!

Oh boy!!  The ghosts are causing total mahem in the bedroom!!
Nobody is sleeping in this house!!

Awww Mia is crying for food!!

he listened and fed her.  
Free food for the ghosts, because we didnt get charged for it!!

Genie float.

a hairy llama  werewolf!

Just what everyone needs!!
A dog sniffing their armpits!!

Seriously Wu, you just picked the wrong persons leg to pee on!!

Holly will be on the war path with you now!!

Breath in .... Breath out!!

and why is Cosmic smiling!?
Because he just copped an eyeful of Calypso standing naked in the bath!!

Trying to tidy up the mess that his house mates are constantly making, is not leaving Cosmic with a lot of time to do any painting or writing!!

God help everyone if and when she learns any spells!!

Seriously don't cry over burnt mac and cheese!!!
There are worse things coming to you, I promise!!

Thirsty vampires make me nervous!!


Now tell me these two are not meant to be together!!!
Man that was a quick hook up!!

and GUESS how they broke that tub!!!

Yes ... already!!!

Next time don't hang onto the taps!!

Lime is out tonight.
I am hoping to see her and Basil out at the same time,
and HOPE that their relationship is still intact after a file change.

Jake is out.

There is trouble brewing in the Smustle camp!!!


Insanity seems to be making Calypso angry ... very angry!!!

There is no rest for the wicked!

Cosmic = "This place stinks!!"
That will be the pee puddles everywhere!!

Calypso has left the lot and gone off for a wander.

Watch that shark!!

She is sharks dinner!!

What a cheat!!!!
The taxi boat materialises out of thin air and wisks Calypso off to safety


Cosmic, who is now a self employed painter, needs to start earning some money quick smart!!
They only have $36 left, and at the rate they are cooking stuff, they will soon be broke!!  And the bills will soon be landing!!

Kids TV has been blaring all day.

Only in a crazy place would you find knitted curtains!!! 

Sweet dreams Leo!!

... POINTS ...

SMUSTLE - 10  (Calypso wandering off lot)


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  1. Oh my goodness, what a crazy ride this is going to be.