Monday, 30 July 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 21

All these reaper snowmen are getting a little creepy!!

Bella is learning to talk

It must be a wolf thing!

Is it me or does that look a little Twilighty!!

Butch is having his birthday

he gains the absent minded trait

This is the one I have been looking forward to ...
Betty is having her birthday

OMG!!  She is gorgeous!!!

I think I've just found my female to do my OWBC with 😃

She gains the Handy trait

Now to test to see if her three occults work together


(she is projecting an aura)



Not so gorgeous now, is she!!

Down dog!!!

That will teach you to growl at her Forrest!!!

They practice fighting

Doing all three at once ...

She is a werewolf, projecting a fairy aura and playing with her witch magic

One minute they are being wolves

the next fairies

Betty seems to be a fully working Werewolf / Fairy / Witch

because her brother and sister are in wolf form ... Briney wants to be too

Strangely I find Forrest over the road at Jazz's house

Even stranger, Brodie is at Jazz's too

I didn't realise that Jazz and Celeste have 6 children!!

Derek and Danette  .... happily married??!!

She has probably only just realised he has 3 more children in town with 3 other different women!!

Brodie and Lamar seem to have got themselves attached romantically

Bruce and Damion don't miss a chance
Outside school!!!!

Briney is getting to know her cousin Bradley

Yeah we all know why you are smiling!!

Billie is hanging out with his Nephew Blair
because his twin brother Bruce doesn't have time for him these days .. too busy with Damion

It doesn't look like we will be getting Brodie to kiss a frog after all.
She has found love all on her own ......
I wander if the Charm household is rich!!??

Bruce is not as stupid as he looks - eating his meal out in the snow.
He is keeping an eye on his brother and boyfriend ...
who have just been have a sly flirt with each other.

Butch is keeping himself amused painting


I am beginning to think that either Forrest or Red are broken!!!!
Since Bella there is no sign of the next baby ... not for the want of trying on their behalf!!

I wander if him being in werewolf form is stopping the baby chimes.
So I force him to lose his wolf for a while.

After four times of me making them try for a baby .... Still nothing!!

Red:  Have you had the snip on the sly?
Forrest:  No why?
Red:  The babies have stopped coming!!
Forrest:  And that is a problem because?

Red:  We still need another four girls and two boys.
Forrest:  Don't we have enough already?!
Red:  No!! So you had better sort your plumbing out and give me another six babies quick smart, or else!!
Forrest:  Or else what??

Red:  Or else, I'll have to start over.  So I'll be kicking you out and finding someone who can!!
Forrest:  Gulp!!

Like she could!!

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