Sunday, 25 August 2019

House Battle 6 ... Update 1

The plan for House Battle 6 was ....

I have been very nice to the House Mascots up to now, 
so it is about time we have a last man standing 👿
and we are using electrocution to take them out!!!

However this battle turned out to be pretty much a disaster!!!

One word ...... *#@?*

Anyway here it is .....

There are ten colour co-ordinated stand alone rooms, 
one for each of the mascots.

And why is Red wandering around the battle field you ask?!

She has suddenly become a technophobe (cough) 
and is busy sabotaging all of the electrical appliances.!!

The mascots have plenty to keep them amused, while they are locked inside,their little room.
However, when Red has done her job, everything will be broken.

Red's job done she moves into her own place,
where she will probably play with the tourists and paps!!

and they land ....

Dab's cc hair is playing up again!!
in live mode it is black

and in CAS it is the right colour!!

New hair no problem (rolls eyes)

They have all been teleported into their room,
and the doors are now locked.

Wu has an evil streak and is happy that everyone's electrical stuff is broken,
probably even her own.

Everyone else is having a stressed out moment!!

After their tantrum, their action queues are stacked up,
and they are all made to "repair" each of their broken items.

Wu managed to electrocute herself in less than 30 minutes!!

Llama is down to only Clovis already.

Oops and Bang goes Clovis's stereo ... he has started a fire.

Calypso also starts a fire at practically the same time!

Who's stupid idea was this!!
Now I have to sit here and watch them burn ... probably!

That's right Silver ... you are all locked in!!

The fires in Clovis and Calypso's rooms are quietly growing

Neither of them are attempting to put out their fires.

while Clovis and Calypso are fire dodging, the rest of the mascots are just standing around,
repairs forgotten, trying to get out of their rooms!!

This is literally taking all day .... it is starting to get dark.

Their rooms are a little on the big side probably - Huh!!

Calypso = "Get me out of here damn it!!"

and in kicks stupid error trap!!

unroutable sims!!

Kylie and Davina have been flung outside their boxes!!

You two be careful, only Calypso and Clovis are supposed to be cooking here!!!

Davina needs to move!!

Her butt is on fire, and if Kylie doesn't try to save her, it is pretty much game over for Davina.

She is fire dancing, so I would pretty much say that Davina has had it!!

Sorry Plumbob!!
I did try to teleport both Davina and Kylie back into their rooms,
but the game was having none of it while the fires were going on.

So, Davina is now out ... that will teach her to interfere!!

Clovis = "I gotta blog this!!"

and I know just the tune!!

Davina and Clovis both survive their fires!!

RIP Davina!!

So Llama and Plumbob are both a mascot down.


Battle 6 ... Update 2


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