Monday, 29 October 2018

Vomiting Evil ... DyNasty of Darkness ... Update 4

With the plant baby about to be harvested -
it is time to think about getting himself a captive breeder sim, so she can look after the sprogs while Arac is at work.

So ......

😑  SHE is locked up in the dungeon!!!

And oh she is going to suffer ... no auto woohoo (is going to kill her!) ... 
it is only happening for the producing of generation 2 
AND she is going to have to take care of the babies, which she is not very good at!!
It is high time I actually watched her grow old and die!!

Red =  "What did you just say?"
(Cough)  Nothing!!  (snort)

Red Jewels


Over Emotional (n)
Supernatural Fan (+5)
Family Orientated (n)
Artistic (n)
Hopeless Romantic (-5)

Lifetime Wish 

 Master of the Arts


Now get on with your obsessive painting and earn your living!!!

Arac purchased a gnome from the consignment store.
Pretty shocked we have not had any spawn yet!!

Magic gnome number 1

Arac received a date phone call.
He had to check out who is fool enough to want to date him.

Who is just about to experience the date from hell!!

I think you can say ... date over!!

She set on fire and danced around for a while.
I thought she was going to die there, but then at the last minute she ran off inside towards the toilets.
Where the game proper scanked me!!!!!

Firstly there is a building error (no bathroom door) and there is no shower in that toilet.
Yet the game magically zapped her through the wall into the bathroom - then back out again singed but not on fire.
(loud scream ... ME not her!)

So like all the rest, she ended up being turned into another singed frog.

Two singed frogs!!
Sharon, a pap, also got his sing and toad treatment!

Yeah she would!!!
He is a man, he has all the right bits ...
she can close her eyes, and doesn't have to look at his face!!

To quicken up the process ... taking a leaf out of her book .....

she receives a dose of the Love spell


He speaks

she takes one step forward and launches in for a kiss

and the second generation is on the way!!!!

Clone number One has just arrived.


Clone one is a girl

Traits = Green Thumb - Athletic

Triffid will be left down in the basement for Red to look after until she becomes a child.

Of course he has gone ... it is the first time he has EVER been loved in his life!!

Triffid will be easy to look after
no feeding or diaper changing, but even she will mess that up!!

Arac makes Skull number 10

The Skull Collector challenge is complete
10 skulls on display = (+50 points)

Bones is back with us ... she has finally remembered where she should be living!!

and she has found a new game.
That gnome is being continuously kicked and picked up.

Struggling to keep Arac away from Red,
I think he much prefers to live down in the basement with her, rather than upstairs.

"What do you mean, we are not getting married?"
"I don't do commitment!"
"But ..."
"But nothing!!!!  You are only here to have my babies, now shut up and eat, before I turn you into a toad!"

Suddenly there are TWO Bonehilda's!!!
There is only one coffin in the house, so where has the other bones come from?

and if you want to keep Bonehilda amused ....
give her a gnome and cowplant to play with!!!

Triffid is feeling very sick right now,
because some red haired idiot has turned her swing up to fast!!!!

Baby bump pops

Outside, the stray cat that has been hanging around outside the consignment store, has now decided to camp out on our front garden.  He is continuously scratch at the front door.

The poor thing is lonely!!

and he is off to Jail again!!

He stole
A picture = $15
Mason Jars = $210
Games Console = $750
Total = $970

I think Jasper has let in both strays, the cat and the dog!!

Bones is funny teaching the dog to sit.

The stray dog and cat are still here when Arac gets back from his Jail time.
Arac starts to make friends with Stray cat, so that he can adopt him.
He will be good company for Jasper.

Triffid is now a toddler.

Red is thinking .... I hope my babies are not going to turn out like this

looks into my crystal ball = Oh YES!!

Now this is getting stupid 
THREE Bonehilda's we now have.  She seems to be multiplying!!

Stupid woman!!!
she is autonomously teaching Triffid to talk!

isn't love grand!!!
Her painting encourages him to paint on free will!!

The baby is on its way.

Arac = "No Mindy ... I will NOT go on another date with you!!"
It is a boy


Traits = Artistic (neutral) and Evil (+5)

Three useless sets of bones
They keep glitching out - stood around the baby
I am not sure that they are going to be able to look after that baby while Arac is at work!!

The dog has gone, but Stray Cat has now been adopted and is part of the family.
He is male and he has no skills or traits.

Stray cat now thinks he is in heaven!!
A roof over his head and gourmet cat food to eat!!

Arac now has an 11th Skull (+ 5 points)

There are now four jelly bean bushes outside
Arac - Red - Triffid - Lucian

Of course he wants to sleep in the dungeon with his woman (huh!)


It is a shame that the cats are both male.
They are now becoming the best of friends.

The second baby bump has just popped.

Lucian has his birthday

Oh My God!!!  Now that is one ugly little munster!!!

For genetic purposes, he only has the ears
So Lucian is going to be a spare!

So it is a good job we have another baby on the way!!


Jelly Bean Hell
Jelly Bean bush =4
(Arac - Red - Triffid - Lucian)
Beloved Family Pet
Cow Plant = 1
Scaredy Cat
Black cat = 1
other cats = 1

Skull Collector (complete)
Gem Skulls 9 + 2 = 11

Human Extinction
Turned = 11 + 2 = 13

Supernatural Dynasty
Witch (Arac) - Simplant (Triffid)
Family of Thieves
Dumpsters/Bins = 3,940
Swiped = $955 + 970 = £1,925
Total = $5,865

Gnome Invation
Gnomes = 1

Family Goals
Enemy's = 1
Family Trait = Kleptomaniac

House Goals

Fully functional dungeon with at least two cells (built)
Attic (built)
Museum (built)


Arac's traits = + 25
Evil (+) - Commitment Issues (+) - Kleptomaniac (+) - Inappropriate (+) - Daredevil (+)
Red's Traits = 0
Over Emotional (n) - Supernatural Fan (+) - Family Orientated (n) - Hopeless Romantic (-) - Artistic (n)
Lucian's Traits = + 5
Artistic (n) - Evil (+)
Left with nothing = + 25 

Skull collector = + 50
extra skulls = + 5 
Founder thwarts death by cowplant  +30


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