Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Bee My Alien ... Update 3

Aphpo seems very invested in his daughter, he hardly leaves her alone!!
It is nice for Leia to have both of her parents around her, especially her alien one.

Too busy watching Aphpo with Leia, 
102 has wandered off on his own to do some stargazing.


Leia is only a few hours old and he is being abducted again!!

That Alien is called Oxqa

Aphpo came out to him

Aphpo: "It is so exciting!!  We are getting another Alien Baby!!!"
102:  "That is easy for you to say!!"

102:  Oh lord I am going to get fat again!!
That is providing you are actually having another alien baby!!!

His new alien baby bump popped while he was in work.

They are both helping to keep on top of the garden 
while 102 is at work.

It is great having Aphpo here, he is on baby sitting duty 24/7

102 managed to get himself a promotion today

Can he be trusted to use the inventing table ..... NO!!!

Seriously .... he is a damn disaster being anywhere near that inventing table!!!

Not only has he electrocuted himself again while he has a belly full of alien baby ....

he has set the damn thing on fire!!

Amusingly at that moment he decided he wanted to sell the inventing table,
and I am very tempted to fulfil that wish for him!!

Thankfully he put the fire out.

Now he is BANNED from using that inventing table again until he has maxed the skill!!!

He goes to the book store to buy the books .... which will be a lot safer for him.

Alphpo does not sleep at all, so he keeps himself occupied at night
while he is on baby watch.

Rafe and 102 are sharing a bed,
but there are no romantic wants coming from 102

Learning the Inventing skill from a book is supposed to be safer.
But not when you are stupid enough to sit outside in the cold reading it 
while giving yourself frost bite!!

He has started piling on the weight and waddling around

Someone else with a death wish ....
sitting out in the hot tub while it is thunder and lightening!!
Not that I have ever had lighting strike in sims 3 yet.

Getting sick of that toilet it is CONSTANTLY broken!!

Leia has her birthday

Daddies little princess!!

And the skill teaching begins.

Huh!!  Someone has just produced a Forgotten Fruit seed from a genetic experiment,
and he wants to plant it.

I guess we probably have a plant baby on the way too!!

Talking about babies on the way .....

How is it fair that male alien pregnancy hatch silently in minutes,
blink and you miss it
while we have to wait, watch and hear a woman screaching for hours!!

A second little Alien girl.


(she is named after a real star)

Rafe is really cute with the children.

That's interesting ... !!!

FINALLY ... even if I am a tiny bit disappointed that it is not one of the Aliens

So I am going to leave them to do it under their own steam.

+ 10 ... Alien Pregnancy (Leia)
+ 5 ... 2nd Alien Pregnancy (Tiaki)
+ 5 ... Alien Best Friend (Aphpo)
+ 10 Alien Space ship (from Aphpo)
- 1 ... Taking a mud bath

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