Sunday, 1 July 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 14

I love the way even the sims realise having a glitchy dwarf in the house is not normal!!

You would think with all the fairy pranks that Forrest pulls on other people that he wouldn't fall for Benji playing a prank on him.

but he does!

One cute shiny eyed toddler

Both of the boys need their skills training ...
even the pumpkin is bored!!

Brodie who is a couch potato is now happily installed in front of the television and rarely moves.

Blade has chosen his LTW = Creature Robot Cross Breeder

$200 she earned for the mermaid painting

Nearly!!  Red managed to get to the toilet before she peed herself
she is always setting a bad example to her kids!

Werewolf toddlers are vandals!!

Not impressed with his parents antics ...
probably because he wants a bed time story and they are completely ignoring him.

Way to get Dad back for walking in on her while she is in the bath!!
Don't turn round Forrest or she might just cop an eyeful of something she shouldn't!

I think we have planting way to many plants to handle!!
It takes her all day just to sort them all out ... at least it is keeping her out of mischief!!

Boo is out for a nap.

Both boys are now talking

Brook is finally graduating

She is the class clown

She tries to flirt with Horrace (Rocky's son)
but he is having none of it

I'm surprised to see that Crystal is now elderly (gulp)

Benji is having his birthday

he gains the natural cook trait

Blade is becoming an adult

he gains the Hopeless Romantic trait

Blaze is also becoming an adult

he gaiins the Brave trait

LTW = One Sim Band

Blade is definitely cute!!

Brook, Blade and Blaze all move out together into their own house
before I get distracted by those boys!

and because there is space in the house .... they are making the next baby

It is Saturday and Benji spends the day fishing, going from 0 - level 6 with his fishing skill

Both boys are now walking and talking
Just their potty training left to do

Buttercup ... how not to do the laundry!!

Sign that baby number 15 is on the way

Billie is very busy being a werewolf ... outside practising how to hunt

While Forrest is at work, Red makes a start on the potty training

It is a shame werewolves cant use the cats scratch post!!

Bang goes the sofa = $400 of damage!

Run Forrest Run!!
Can you believe those two are playing Tag 😂

Baby bump has just popped
Baby 15 ... as long as she only has the one

Old age Tapestry 😧

It is Sunday
One of Jazz's vampire children randomly comes to play

No Forrest don't strangle him!!
He can't bite or drain you until he grows up!

I swear this kid has the devil in him!!!
Billie is off for a wander

I think he wants an ice cream ... lol
come back kid when you are a bit older!!

One of Rocky's kids, Leslie, is helping himself to the fish uninvited

Bang goes the wildlife deterrent gnome!!

Somebody get this kid a scratch post or a muzzle!!!


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