Sunday, 30 September 2018

Boolprop House Battle 2 ... The Jelly Bean Challenge.

The Jelly Bean Challenge

This challenge is about taking one for the team!!
It is not about how well they do, it is about how much they suffer!!
The more they suffer, the more points they earn

~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Your House Mascot's will be eating Jelly Beans, off the Jelly Bean Bush, and plenty of them!!

Each House Mascot will be doing an individual Jelly Bean Trial ...
They will take it in turns to eat 10 Jelly Beans each.
Each Jelly Bean will have an affect on them, and the affects will be scored accordingly.


Points Earned

Death by Jelly Bean + 200
Dying any other Death + 100
Getting Electrocuted + 40
Catching Fire + 40
"Too Spicy" (Breathing Fire) + 30
"Feeling Blue" (Turning Blue) + 30
Any Negative Moodlet +20

Points Deducted

"All Glowy" (Turning Yellow) - 30
Any Positive Moodlet -10
Sleeping in the bed - 20
Napping on the bed - 10
Consuming anything other than Jelly Beans and Juice - 20
Grimmie letting you off Jelly Bean death -180
Grimmie letting you off any other death -80

Bonus Points

Peeing themselves on the carpet + 20
Throwing up in the toilet + 10
Throwing up on the carpet + 20
Passing out or sleepin on the floor + 20
Appearing in jelly bean ghost form  + 30
Appearing in any other ghost form + 20
For getting Brain Freeze moodlet + 10


and if you are wandering why I have done it this way ...
Suffering (Negative) scores points.  Pleasure (Possitive) loses them.

I have worked this challenge and the points for it off this official information.
  • 35% chance of getting a Positive moodlet: 
Adrenaline Rush, Buzzed, Fascinated, Feeling Lucky, Minty Breath, Oddly Powerful, Stuffed, Sugar Rush, Educated, or Warmed.
  • 25% chance of getting a Negative moodlet: 
Feeling Unlucky, Garlic Breath, Hungry, Very Hungry, Itchy, Nauseous, Smelly, Tired, Exhausted, Terrified, Disappointed, Embarrassed, or Has to Pee.
  • 12% chance of getting "Glowy on the Outside" moodlet.(Turns them Yellow)
  • 12% chance of getting "Feeling Bluish" moodlet. (Turns them Blue)
  • 10% chance of getting "Too Spicy" moodlet. (Breathing Fire)
  • 2.5% chance of catching on Fire.
  • 2.5% chance of getting Electrocuted.
  • 1% chance of Death by Jelly Beans. 


and this is where they will be doing the challenge .....


I need to apologise!!

This battle was the first of two battles, that I planned for September.
However, things got in the way ...
(SimNano and me suddenly finding myself beta testing the Nano Extreme half way through the month.)
So I am only now getting round to putting Battle 2 out, on the very last day of September!!!
Battle 3 is on hold now, probably until November, due to the planned battle for October.
Even though I will get some of the updates out today, I might not get all of the updates, for this battle, out during September.  Battle 2 is still a September battle and the points for this will be added to your September scorecards.


During this Battle ... I have heard baby chimes!!!!!  (he! he!) 
So we already have the first House Baby on the way!!!

So what to do .... 
I can not scrap the file now, so I am working on an extension to this battle
to amuse us until after the baby has arrived.
Which might be a little frustrating for you, because you might have to wait a while.  
Until after I have worked on the 1st of the the month and new activities for October.


not that it will make you feel any better ... I am suffering along with you!!
The baby has not been born in game yet, it is still in baby bump form.
so I am frustrated too, and eager to play out the pregnancy!! 


If you have not already ... 
grab the chance of possibly earning yourself some extra house points.
Have a go at guessing the sex of the baby,
and also which pair of house mascots have created our first house baby!!  
The thread will be locked before I start putting out the updates showing the girls trials.
Just because I am adding hints to tease you!!! 😋


Enough of the waffle!! 

Onto the challenge .... ~ Update 1 ~

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