Sunday, 4 November 2018

Vomiting Evil ... DyNasty of Darknes ... Update 6

We have a case of the invisible skull
it is still there just not showing.

It is playtime for the kitties!!

They looked better when they were just stone

Gnome number 3
Arac brought from the consignment store

A special egg Triffid found during the egg hunt

Skull number 13
is another yellow saphire skull

Way to waste your soda!!

Lucian has started to spend a lot of time down in the dungeon with his Mother, painting and sleeping in her bed.  Maybe I should think about locking that door to everyone except Arac!!

Lucifer has turned out to be quite a cutie .... all but his mouth!

This kid needs a DNA test, just in case,
because he looks NOTHING like his Dad!!!!

He is making too much racket and keeps waking her up!!
She is probably getting ratty because she is not getting any!!! lmao!!!

It is time Lucifer went upstairs with his sister anyway!!
She is now all lonely down in her dungeon cell alone.

Darrell is out haunting us

There are now six jelly bean bushes

Arac looks annoyed at the ghost eating his pancakes!!
Pancakes which he left half eaten while he went for a pee!!

Arac is carrying around a lot of poisonous apples,
so he is doing a conversion ritual on some of them in the hope of turning them into something useful.

Now her painting has gone up a few more levels,
she is attempting another portrait of Arac.

Levi is having her birthday

Game given trait = Evil

She uses one of the elixir and becomes a fairy

Supernatural Dynasty = 3rd occult

Huh!!  That is even worse than the first attempt!!

For work, Arac has to make an enemy of the woman he turned into a simbot.
So he invites her over.

Darrells replacement is sat on the sofa.
Abner is the new housemate.

Abner gets a dose of tragic clown.
for his Lifetime wish Arac has to use 50 elixir, so he may as well have some fun doing it!

Darrell's ghost is still wandering around, which causes the simbot to do a runnner,
before Arac gets a chance to start arguing with her.

The simbot isn't the only one who has done a runner!!!
Abner runs off down the street.

He runs to the other side of town

Levi wants to learn the writing skill, so she is now writing a book.
She might be a candidate for a future Journalist.

Lucian has been sneaking jelly beans.

Triffid is having her birthday

Game given trait = Mooch

and of course her IF is growing up with her.

our tragic clown is still running around town

The singe and toad has almost become a habit, but she got a dose of the haunting curse too.
Darrell will now be constantly haunting her, hopefully she might die from it.

He stole a $25 light!!

Finally Abner finds his way home.

He is locked in his cell when he goes to the bed that is assigned to him.
The tragic clown has worn off

Hopefully he will starve or suffer Blunt force trauma.
The broken computer has been moved into his cell.
You never know, he might be stupid enough to try and mend it and electrocute himself.

Breaking everything is not going to get you let out!!!!

Lucifer is the only witch child that they have had.
Lucian and Levi were both born human.

Abner gets a dose of toad because Arac is bored!!

Darrell tickles me always taking a bath in his old dungeon cell,
when there are better places in the house that he could be using!!

Triffid is skipping school again to do the gardening.

Okay so this old guy turns up ... another room mate!?
(Quickly builds another dungeon cell)
I've turned it off - after these two have been disposed of there won't be any more!!

Arac is playing with the voodu doll

He curses the new guy ... Dewey

Dewey is now a zombie

Arac makes him pee his pants just for fun!

Well he is amused anyway!

That face is the stuff of nightmares!!!

Dewey finally finds his cell and the door is now locked

Triffid makes the mistake of trying to talk to Dewey.

That will teach you to go into the zombies cell!!

Abner is having his birthday ... groan ...

he is now elderly

Not long after his birthday, he keels over from starvation!

Ghost Hunter = death number 2

Arac has found another Tiberium gem rock.

He has also had a promotion.
He is taking the Evil branch of the criminal career.

Lucifer has his birthday

Game given trait = Snob

He looks cute!!

maybe not!!!

I wouldn't sleep there, he might bite you!!

The clone and the two school children are keeping their grades at a constant C/D

Lucian is becoming a teenager

Game given trait = Dramatic

Lucian takes having his birthday too far.
He plans to celebrate by eating cake.  I don't think he planned to get eaten by the cow plant however!!

Hannibal spat him out .... so he gets to live on!

Lucian is another disgusting member of the family apparently!!


Jelly Bean Hell
Jelly Bean bushes =6
(Arac - Red - Triffid - Lucian - Levi - Lucifer)
Beloved Family Pet
Cow Plant = 1
Scaredy Cat
Black cat = 1
other cats = 1

Skull Collector (complete)
Gem Skulls 12 + 1 = 13

Human Extinction
Turned = 13 + 4 = 17

Supernatural Dynasty
Witch (Arac - Lucifer) - Simplant (Triffid) - Fairy (Levi)
Family of Thieves
Dumpsters/Bins = 3,940
Swiped  = £1,925 + £25 = £1,950
Total = $5,890

Gnome Invation
Gnomes = 3
Ghost Hunter
(need 10 different deaths) =2
Fire Death - Starvation -
Family Goals
Enemy's = 1
Family Trait = Kleptomaniac

House Goals

Fully functional dungeon with at least two cells (built) = 3 cells
Attic (built)
Museum (built)


Arac's traits = + 25
Evil (+) - Commitment Issues (+) - Kleptomaniac (+) - Inappropriate (+) - Daredevil (+)
Red's Traits = 0
Over Emotional (n) - Supernatural Fan (+) - Family Orientated (n) - Hopeless Romantic (-) - Artistic (n)
Lucian's Traits = +15
Artistic (n) - Evil (+ 5) - Hates the Outdoors (+5) - Dramatic (+5)
Levi's Traits = + 15
Hates the outdoors (+5) Grumpy (+5) Evil (+5)
Lucifer's Traits = + 15
Hates the outdoors (+5) Evil (+5) - Snob (+5)
Left with nothing = + 25 

Skull collector = + 50
extra skulls =  3 = 13 (+15)
Founder thwarts death by cowplant  +30



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