Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Broke Millionaire ... Intro

Finally starting my attempt at the Boolprop Summer Challenge.

I have not been able to drum up any enthusiasm or settle on any of the existing Sim challenge that are out there for us to do.  So I thought I would have a little free play and just make my own challenge up as I go along!!

The starting idea of the challenge I want to play, being .... my founder sim (Red) and her future family, have to go from being totally broke to becoming millionaires, while remaining unemployed!!!

and ...........
I have dumped Red on a deserted island, just to make it a little more challenging!!

I will be playing a kind of mash up of the homeless challenge, the dumpster dive challenge, Rags to Riches challenge and the land lubber challenge.  Following my own set of loose rules, while trying to have fun, and get back into my Sims game, which I have not really played properly for nearly two years.

I am also going to be killing two birds with one stone, because I will also be using this summer challenge to take part in the July SimNano.

So now you know what I am doing .... the first update of this will come on the 1st of July

Don't have a clue who she is waving to, because she has NO friends!!!!!




  1. Nice to read some of your stories Julie, hopefully you will have time to play too.

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