Saturday, 27 October 2018

Vomiting Evil ... DyNasty of Darkness ... Update 3

Another day at work and another trip to jail.  Arac got caught stealing a picture this time.

He is missing work which isn't good, as he has dipped down into the red with his work performance.

Haunting Curse
(which didn't seem to do anything ... maybe because there are no actually graves in the cemetery yet, so no ghosts to haunt her or whatever)

Fire Spell just singed her

so she is getting turned .....

Into a Simbot

and another one of the ugly crew is turned into a toad.

Those two are already supernatural, a fairy and a werewolf.

This is the painting he got Jailed for.  It is worth $330

Arac now has a room where he is storing all his stollen goods.

Arac has collected up another 8 cut gems to make the next skull

The third skull is a yellow sapphire skull

Arac after paying a visit to the elixir store, decides to have another go at trying to produce a grave.
The bot shop merchant is his target.

Just another singed person
this clearly is not going to work, trying to do it this way!

so he is turned into a toad.

Arac was lucky to buy a tiberium rock from the consignment store for $38.
It is now growing and hopefully the three peices will turn into around £120,000 for him, when they are fully grown.

We are starting to see a lot of singed toads walking around town!!

Jasper is busy, out and about, improving on his hunting skills

Arac has collected up another load of cut gems.
He is pushing to get the Skull Collector challenge done and out of the way.

Skull four is another yellow sapphire skull

Skull Five is a Rainbow skull

Half way!

Skull Six is a pink diamond skull

This one is worth $17,460!!

Six skulls

Arac does not get on with the Nectar store merchant.
Not that he ever goes to buy anything off him, he just likes to insult him every time he comes here.

They are not quite enemy's yet .... but they are getting there.

a random tourist gets the sing and toad treatment.

This is Jasper's hunting performance - which he is not very good at!!!
His inventory is full of worthless snake skins, empty crisp packets and feathers!!

One of the spires has grown

Arac got another promotion today.
He is constantly having to work hard to make up for his jail time.

Randomly bin dipping!!!

He nearly got caught at the second house ... but John is stupid!!!!

He does not even notice Arac rummaging through his bin!

his two bin rummage got Arac ....
a duck, bottle of bubble bath, old newspapers trash and $50 worth of scrap.  
So all in all, a waste of time!!!

Arac rolled the wish to plant a forbidden fruit seed, which reminds me that he has to create 10 clones of himself. 
So he starts to gene splicing seeds from his inventory, to try and create the forbidden fruit seed.

First attempt went up in green smoke!!

Jeeeez!!!!!  Arrested AGAIN!!!
Another night spent in Jail!!

After being released from Jail he went home and continued his forbidden fruit seed mission.
Third attempt got him what he wanted.

His potential clone plant baby has now been planted.

Skull Seven is a Bloodstone skull

Arac is earning quite a bit of money from consigning all the gem dust from his cut gems.
Which is giving him the money to buy any supernatural elixir that they are selling every day.

This is what he was jailed for this time.
A pair of curtains $315
A childs mobile $85

A second spire has grown.

The $76,000 that he gained from selling the two large tiberium spires
gives him more money to continue with the house building.

A second floor and Attic have been added.

it is not pretty at the moment but it will improve

Jasper has now improved his hunting skill to level 5

He has got a nerve!!!
The same burglar is back for a second go!!

Bonehilda has gone awol and Arac is at work so he does manage to get inside this time,
but only as far as the entrance hall.

You are nicked buster!!

This is the Attic room
which is being left windowless

The second floor
Four bedrooms, two will have there own bathroom.
A bathroom and a small balcony and space to put in a fifth bedroom.

The ground floor hasn't altered any

The museum is in the basement with the dungeon cells 
and the stolen goods room.

Skull Eight is a mmmm Ruby skull I think

The skulls are now down in the museum

The third tiberium spire does not seem to be growing.

and as Autumn is well under way, a green house has been built.
Arac has quietly got his gardening skill up to level 9.

Hannibal has also come indoors to protect him from the bad weather.

Bonehilda has not been seen for days, the candle is lit on her coffin but she is not in the house or street. 
She seems to have totally vanished.

Arac's painting skill is going a lot slower than it should be.
He is still only at level 3

Plant babies take too long to grow!!

Eww Skull Nine is a Septarian Nodule Skull
this one is worth $14,000

Only one more skull to go

Without Bones around to constantly pet him, Jasper is feeling a little neglected.
The gourment pet food is keeping him young so far ... it doesn't work every time but enough to keep him from becoming elderly.  Jasper nearly has enough reward points to get the young age potion.

I have finally found Bonehilda!!
She is now next door at the moment.  She is following a horse around town.
I watch her run off out of the street in the direction of the cemetery, chasing after the horse.
I guess she will come back eventually ... lol

Arac is out trying to rid the town of pesky humans.
All tourists that he meets become his victims.

He tries the fire spell now, just incase one of these times it does actually work out!!

She becomes another toad.


Mr Swirl becomes his next victim


It looks like we might be getting a town full of toads!!


Jelly Bean Hell 
Jelly Bean bush = 1
Beloved Family Pet
Cow Plant = 1
Scaredy Cat
Black cat = 1
Skull Collector
Gem Skulls 2 + 7 = 9
Human Extinction
Turned = 3 + 6 = 9
Supernatural Dynasty
Witch (Arac) -
Family of Thieves
Dumpsters/Bins = 3,940
Swiped = 175 + 330 + 50 + 400 = $955
Total = $4,895

Family Goals
Enemy's = 1
Family Trait = Kleptomaniac

House Goals

Fully functional dungeon with at least two cells (built)
Attic (built)
Museum (built)


Arac's traits = + 25
Evil - Commitment Issues - Kleptomaniac - Inappropriate - Daredevil
Left with nothing = + 25 
Founder thwarts death by cowplant  +30


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