Monday, 20 August 2018

Boolprop House Battle 1 - Day 2

Day 2

Yes this island is called Shark Island because it is surrounded by hungry sharks!!
A future survival challenge I think!! 😈

Day two has started and only Plumbob are awake

Davina is working on her second painting
Leo must have broken a guitar string!

Kylee is the first to wake up from her nap
The book she is reading ... Llama Rights 😂

Those bills aren't getting paid ... and the repo man won't come either!!
I love this island!!

Leo = "Feed yourself you stupid woman!!"

She did finally get round to eating her salad, after she scared me half to death, having to watch her doing the starving act half a dozen times!!
I thought we was about to get our first lost mascot after just one day!!!

Kylee has taken two naps through the night ... now she has gone to bed properly

Davina eats then goes straight back to her painting.
Leo is lost in his own little world!!

It is late afternoon before the other houses start to wake up

Go Jasper ... you might just get a skill!!

Cute butt!!

Runs off to check these two don't have the couch potato trait!!
They spend MOST of their time sat on the couch together!!

Richie is well into his second painting

Llama is the only house that bothered to make their beds

Dab has cooking skills ... decent Mac & Cheese

Well I never expected to see Leo painting 😂

Motherlode's second painting to go on the wall!!

Dab does NOTHING but dance!!
Very distracting eye candy, especially in those white undies!!

These pair are cute, constantly together like an old married couple!!

Domestic going on in Smustle!!
I don't know what Dab has done to upset Calypso

Davina has now finished her second painting for Plumbob

Friends again ... let's dance!
These two are seriously cracking me up!!

Davina makes her way to another easel and starts her third painting

Yay!!  Llama have finally found the easels!!

Not one of them yet has pulled out a skill book to read

very cute Leo!!
Plumbob now have 3 paintings on the wall

These two are definitely living up to their House name ... they do hardly anything but dancing.

The two paintings on the easels are both Jaspers which he has started but not done much of.
Mostly because Kyle keeps interrupting him.  (he has the irresistible trait)

(Rolls my eyes)
She could have finished her first painting before she started on the second!!

Richie has started on his third painting

I will be surprised if Smustle get ANY painting on the wall ... and it will be Dab's fault!!
He needs tying up to stop him from keep dragging Calypso away from the easel to dance!!

It is all fun in woohoo

Jasper is off to bed again ... only a few hours after he has woken up

Davina is still working on her third painting

I thought for a moment that their radio was broken!!
The calm before the storm ... lmao!!

I spy a broken bathroom!!

Woohoo also have a broken bathroom and flood going on!!

Eating dirt!

They will be needing a boat soon!!

Wu is mopping but not wishing to fix the leak!

Jasper doesn't even notice the flood!!

Richie makes a start on another painting

There are a lot of unfinished painting in Motherlode

Clovis to the rescue ... he fixes the bathroom

They don't care that there is a flood going on in their living quarters ... they are having way too much fun!!

Calypso tries to paint but here comes Dab again to interrupt her

I just knew he was going to be Trouble!!
He is blowing kisses ... those things are dangerous!

Now she has gone!!
She will be obsessed with Dab for the next 8 hours!!

The constant flirting begins!!
game over Smustle - you watch!!

Wu = You broke it, you fix it!!
Clovis = Yes love!!

So distracted by Smustles flirting I over ran into day 3 😡

Paintings on the wall = 2
Skill levels = 9

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill Levels =  7

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 1

Paintings on the wall = 3
Skill Levels = 9

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 5


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