Sunday, 15 July 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 18

Fly infested kitchen
I am really surprised that Forrest is slacking so much with his normal neurotic cleaning.

You can pull faces Leafy, but you are the one not doing the housework!!

The twins are now walking and talking

Just potty training left to be done

a tiger wolf ... lol

Baby bump

Someone get that kid a scratching post!!!

A rarity!!!
Red sitting down and playing with one of her children!!

Betty is having her birthday

She gained the Adventurous trait

Monster under the bed!!

How can she be scared of monsters under the bed when she is one herself!!

I guess she feels safer being in wolf form

I won't be able to see if Betty is working properly as a werewolf / fairy or witch until she becomes a teenager.

Brodies face ... before she runs off and passes out from watching her sister turn into a werewolf

but her fairy and werewolf sides seem to be working okay so far

with those ears, that little boy is related to Forrest somehow via his sister

One of the kids (I think Bille)  seems to have a flair for cooking ... great quality muffins

Sorry Leafy you have lost your bed!!

These two are working on level 6 woohoo

Don't ask me why Billie is suddenly wearing snorkling gear!!

This file is so glitchy doing really stupid things and the game keeps freezing stuck ...
I have now played this day 4 times which is annoying!!  So I have taken out NRASS SP and it seems to have done the trick - fingers crossed

Besides the muffin baking, Forrest seems to be the only one cooking food at the moment.  Everyone in the house is constantly eating muffins or pie ... Keylime and pumpkin pie because they are all that he keeps cooking.

Grim is on our garden collecting a dog.  Alpine and Meadow's dog

Betty makes me laugh telling Billie to stop scratching up the furniture ...
when she is constantly doing exactly the same thing herself!!

cute place to hide!!  lol

Since Candice retired as Forrests boss, his promotions seem to have slowed down.
He is at level 7 now Team Captain - but he is not too far away from achieving his LTW

Forrest is the only one who is happy watching Brianey scratching up the house.
He is proud of his little wolves!!

The boys are having their birthday.


he gained the Angler trait


He gained the Green Thumb trait

It is sweet how these two share a bed everynight.
I haven't seen either of them using the fairy house since they were toddlers.

Buttons is out.
She spends the whole night playing in the wishing well.

Billie is working properly as either a fairy or a werewolf

No the wolves are not fighting ... they are practising fighting

Betty doesn't want to be left out of their wolf pack!!

Don't scare the poor kid!!

Baby is coming

Baby number 17 is the 10th boy



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