Monday, 13 May 2019

House Battle 5 ... Update 1

Like I mentioned at the end of house battle four ...
this battle (House Battle Five) is following straight on from the last, in the same file.

As there is a possibility of Dab and Leo creating life, male pregnancy has been turned on, just to make sure that they can!!  We also have Clovis and Silver buzzing around each other, so HOPEFULLY, by the end of this battle, every house should have at least one mascot Junior.

I am going to apologize in advance,
because from here on in, it is just filth ... and I am not talking about just the dirty sink!!!!

Ten very stir crazy mascots who have no activity objects to amuse themselves with,
so they are getting VERY stressed out!!

And there is only one way that they can relieve stress in this place ...
Woohoo like mad!!!!  Who with .... they don't give a shit!!

So I think Battle 5
is not only a game challenge,
but also a Mascot Junior creation opportunity!!


Clovis and Kylie, are trying to relieve their stress!!

Wu is having a tantrum because the love birds are blocking the way to the sink, 
so she can not clean it!

Those two look really cosy, and here was me thinking Clovis would end up with Silver!!


Well they haven't wasted any time!!!

There is a little SMUT-BOB on the way 😂

So which one is going to be getting the morning sickness, that is the question?! 😜

OH YEAH ..... We have a battle to start!!!

so I am going to get them playing the ... huh!
 I have forgotten what that game is even called 😡

Anyway,  while we wait for the little SMUT-BOB to hatch,
All of the house mates will be taking it in turns to play that game.
At the moment I am thinking they will take three turns each and, as a joint effort, the House that scores the most points at the end, wins the battle.


Richie is going first, as he is the frigid one,
and I don't have to peel him off one of the other Mascots!!

Calypso is amused and Richie doesn't look very happy with his score!

Richies score

What the .........

Clovis!!  😂
Now he has jumped into bed with someone else!!
so he has found Silver eventually!!

While Leo is cooking and eating, 
Dab is dragged away to take his turn.

Naughty Jasper!!!!
He is upsetting all the other mascots around him, by being unfaithful to Davina!!

Amorous hug, then they walked off in different directions. 

Dabs score

Dab = I needed to do that again, it wasn't good enough!"

Tut!!  Somebody tried to sneak in another go, while I wasn't looking,  didn't they Dab!!
Well it doesn't count.

I was busy watching Calypso and Clovis having a punch up out in the garden.
Not sure what that is all about!!

Outside ... we have snow!

Silver takes her turn

These two have proper gone!!!
Still no signs of who is going to be the baby carrier yet!

Jasper doing his Daddy Duties.

Plumbob and Woohoo have named this pair of Mascot Juniors.

This one is Beau
Beau will be a Woohoo Mascot Junior

and this one is Spike.
Spike will be a Plumbob Mascot Junior.

Calypso's turn.

Kylie's turn

It's a little amusing when their house mate turns up to watch them taking their turn.
Richie did it earlier with Silver, now Jasper is doing it with Kylie.

Jasper's turn

Hangs his head with shame!!!!

He is a lot better at making snowmen!!

Wu's turn

Leo's turn

Dab jumping on Leo the second his game is over!!
They are just too cute!!

Clovis is like an animal at the moment!!!

Surprisingly both Richie and Silver are spending the most time looking after the toddlers!!

Well someone has to.
Mom and Dad are busy with each other most of the time!!

Finally I manage to pin Clovis down and drag him away from his continuous bed hopping.

Go Clovis!!!
It is the adrenaline from all his activity!!!!

Davina's turn

The snow is providing them with some entertainment.

In the bedroom ............


Clovis is a dirty dog ... now it is Calypso's turn!!

You know what Clovis's problem is don't you!!
All the fighting that he has been doing with Wu .. he has a hell of a lot of stress to work out!!
While Wu relieves her stress by constantly cleaning up after everyone!!


Motherlode are keeping it in house,
which amuses me as they don't generally like each other that much!!

Ha!!  Dab is heaving!!!
It looks like he is getting the job of being the "Mommy"
Fitting really as he is brewing the first Smustle Mascot Junior.

I think Clovis and now Richie are on a mission to try out ALL the women in the house!!

This is getting seriously ridiculous!!!!!

Igloo at the back of the house

Igloo at the side of the house

Bed in the bedroom

Just a recap on the bed hopping ....

Jasper and Davina like Dab and Leo have stayed in their couples.

Clovis has woohoo'd with Kylie, Silver and Calypso
Richie has woohoo'd with Silver and Wu

AND .... Lets just say I have been sat here listing to baby chimes
3 lots of them .... 
so besides Dab & Leo's baby bump ... there will be another 3 sprouting.

Dont ask me who which couples are responsible for the baby chimes,
because I am honestly not sure!!!!


The Battle after round one.

LLAMA ....................... 27 + 18 = 45
PLUMBOB ................. 15 + 20 = 35
MOTHERLODE .......... 13 + 14 = 27
SMUSTLE ................... 10 + 15 = 25
WOOHOO ..................... 8 + 15 = 23


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