Saturday, 17 November 2018

Vomiting Evil ... DyNasty of Darkeness ... Update 9

Red gets Lucian's portrait done before he is locked up in the Attic,
for disgracing the family by not being a thief!!

He now has a cosy pad up in the Attic, however he shouldn't be living there for long.

Lucian's portraits is hidden up in the attic.

In an attempt to get a different death ... he gets the broken computer to fix,
along with a vending machine to slam and shake  😈

Drat he fixed it ... his punishment, the scary screen!!

He is earning pennies writing a book, while he is still with us.

Never getting out of the habit of taking useless pictures of new paintings!!!

Lycan is now walking and talking.

Levi is having her birthday

Game given trait Social Butterfly

Lifetime Wish = Greener Gardens

Our 2nd Generation heir is now an adult.

Being a Fairy ... she has 147 days before her next birthday, 
so there is no hurry for Arac to complete his Lifetime Wish .... which is going too slowly!!
It will be a while before she takes over as heir.

Lucifer now constantly sleeps with his Mother down in the dungeon.

Marvin, Levi's romantic interest is now the elixir shop merchant.

Oh look .... LAMA SHIRT!!!
(10 house points going on the Llama scorecard)


Yeah I forgot Lucian needs to graduate.
The game error trapped him to the front door (rolls eyes)

Arac doesn't even bother to go to the graduation,
he wanders off over to the consignment store.

Triffid is there graduating too.

Arac arrives at the town hall after graduation

Chinese tourist is now a toad.

Levi ... most likely to get arrested.
That will happen no doubt as she is getting a criminal career and doing the normal branch.

Lucian ... most likely to take over the world.

Not happening!!!  

Another toad.
China, France and Egypt must be full of toads by now!!

Yeah, and there is something brewing with Arac and one of the Swirl girls.
She constantly phones him like twice a day, sending him love letters and gifts in the post!!
They are virtually best friends and Im not sure how that has happened other than from phone calls!!

Lucian is now back locked up in attic.

another dark picture coming.

Red is having her birthday.

Wrinkles and a midlife crisis.


Lycan is having his birthday

Game given Hydrophobic trait.

Laugh!!  Taupass phoned Arac for a date!!!
The woman is mad!!!
Who wants to date their enemy??!!

Arac is only here to pee her off a little more!!

Large and in charge potion.

Taupas = "Well help me!!  Put the fire out on my back!!"
Arac = "Sorry I'm in the middle of playing an online game, and I can't pause it!"

and off she runs in search of a shower.

She did make it home and extinguish her fire I presume,
as she is still on his friends list and living.

The vending machine has had enough of him slamming it!!

Blunt Force Trauma

Ghost Hunter
Different death number 4
old age - fire - starvation - blunt force trauma

What on earth??!!

is that some kind of tradition??

Ghost Hunter = 4 different deaths

Loki is having his birthday

Game given trait Slob

Huh!!!  Loki has a male IF doll.

Arac is out ... buying a lottery ticket and selling the fruit and veg that is weighing him down.
He is also turning the tourists into toads.

and trying to make a few enemies as he still only has the one.

He gets a dose of tragic clown

and the werewolf gets singed and the haunting curse.

Red has now made nearly $18,000 selling paintings.

at least she is earning her keep!!


Left with Nothing (Completed)
 Skull Collector (Complete)
Clone Army = 2
Triffid - Loki

Jelly Bean Hell
Jelly Bean bushes =11
(Family = Arac - Red - Lucian - Levi - Lucifer - Lycan)
(Housemates = Darrell = Abner - Dewey)
(Clones = Triffid - Loki)
Beloved Family Pet
Cow Plant = 1
Scaredy Cat
Black cat = 1
other cats = 1

Immortal companion 

Pet Cemetery 
Pet graves = 0

Human Extinction
Turned = 23 + 4 = 27

Supernatural Dynasty
Witch (Arac) - Simplant (Triffid) - Fairy (Levi)

Ghost - Vampire - Werewolf - Alien - Mermaid - Genie - Mummy

Family of Thieves
Dumpsters/Bins = 3,940 + 45 + 150 = $4135
Swiped  = £1,950 + 368 + 70 = $2388
Total = $6,523

Gnome Invasion
Gnomes = 5
Ghost Hunter
(need 10 different deaths) = 4
Fire Death - Starvation - Old Age - Brunt Force Trauma

Supernatural Wishes
Lifetime Wishes to complete

Alchemy Artisan - (Arac doing)  - Greener Gardens - (Levi doing)

Celebrity Psychic - Emperor of Evil - Leader of the Pack - Magic Makeover
Master of Mysticism - Mystic Healer - Paranormal Profiteer - Turn the town - Zombie Maker

Family Goals
Enemy's = 1

Family Trait = Kleptomaniac

Careers to max
Criminal  (Levi doing)- Criminal Evil branch (Arac doing) -
Journalism - Politics
Law Enforcement - Military

All Lifestates
(Witch) - (Plantsim) - (Fairy) -

House Goals

Fully functional dungeon with at least two cells (built) = 3 cells
Attic (built)
Museum (built)



Evil (+) - Commitment Issues (+) - Kleptomaniac (+) - Inappropriate (+) - Daredevil (+)
LTW = Alchemy Artisan
Over Emotional (n) - Supernatural Fan (+) - Family Orientated (n) - Hopeless Romantic (-) - Artistic (n)
LTW = Master of the Arts
LUCIAN (No Family trait) Deseased.
Artistic (n) - Evil (+) - Hates the Outdoors (+) - Dramatic (+) Scymoozer
LTW= Master of the Arts
Hates the outdoors (+) Grumpy (+) Evil (+) Kleptomaniac (+) Social Butterfly
LTW = Greener Gardens
Hates the outdoors (+) Evil (+) - Snob (+) Kleptomaniac (+)
Grumpy(+) Insane(+) Hydrophobic (n)



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