Thursday, 23 August 2018

Boolprop House Battle 1 - Day 5

Day 5

What they are up to a the beginning of day 5 ......

Making hay while the sunshines!
Calypo makes good use of her time while Dab is asleep!!

She finishes her first painting!!

Smustle now have one painting on the wall

The Llama guys continue to act like an old married couple

Calypo straight away starts another painting

Silver is pretty much like Leo and doesn't do much other than play the guitar

Richie finishes his fifth painting

Motherlode now have five paintings on the wall

Someone doesn't look very happy!!
She has pinched the his guitar!

So he pinches her easel!!

Jasper still has not attempted to finish either of his paints, and Kyle hasn't been near the easels.

Domestic in Llama.
I'm actually surprised these two don't fight more, having the evil and mean spirited traits.

They have a cool down period

Friends again!

Leo has finished his second painting.

Plumbob now have six paintings on the wall

Llama have broken their bathroom AGAIN!!

staring competition

Calypso has managed to finish a second painting

Smustle shockingly now have two paintings on the wall

The two sides to the irresistible trait.

Jasper is getting annoyed because he can not move or do anything without Kylee buzzing around him and interrupting him..
She is like a fly around shit!!

While Dab is working his irresistible trait like a pro!!
She is like a mouse in a trap because Dab is the cheese!!

maybe I should give them a double bed now that they are a romantically attached couple.

You could say they are enthusiastically working on their woohoo skill ... lmao!!

There seems to be a lot more chatting going on since they all became stir crazy

although Smustle have better things to be doing with their mouths!!

I'm not sure Smustle are getting many more or even any more paintings or skill levels out of these two other than the woohoo skill!!

Clovis is not so quick to roll the wish to fix the broken bathroom this time

and I swear these two still haven't spoken to each other!!

It feels like Jasper does the most sleeping!!

Fly spray needed in woohoo

every time I check on Smustle they are doing this ....

Risky 10% ... I wander if they are going to manage a Smustle baby before the end of this challenge.

Passing out is the game in Motherlode!!

There is a lot of teeth brushing going on in Llama because they can't be bothered to fix the broken bathroom.

All five houses sleeping at the same time doesn't happen often!

and guess who is dancing the smustle!!!

any minute now Davina is going to get up and start screaming at him!!


Paintings on the wall = 5
Skill Levels = 14

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 11

Paintings on the wall = 2
Skill Levels = 8

Paintings on the wall = 6
Skill Levels = 21

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 7


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