Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Boolprop House Battle 1 - Day 4


Woohoo STILL have not cleaned up their dirty dishes!!

Together Leo and Davina are a very strange pair ... they don't interact with each other.

Mr & Mrs Smutle ....
or they will be if Dab gets his way!!!

Richie has finished his third painting

Motherlode now have three paintings on the wall

Plumbob now have a leak

they pull faces at each other just to prove me wrong!! 
but still they don't actually speak 😂

Davina is on the ball wanting to fix the broken bathroom

You burnt those waffles!!

FINALLY Dab puts his white undies away!!

Woohoo is the fun house!

still not actually speaking

cute ...

Davina and Richie are painting the same picture

Such excitement over receiving a text!!

It seems Jasper is still thinking about Leo ... lol

Strange isn't it that when I look at Jasper he is still sat reading his book and hasn't moved!!
Yeah EA ... I believe Jasper just sent that text ... NOT!!!!

There is a lot of guitar playing going on!

Davina is all over the place with her half finished paintings

Forget the painting!!
Forget the skills!!

It is all romance and dancing in Smustle!

welcome to the SMUsTle HOUSE .....

Have you worked out who the three Artstic sims are yet??

I can't see Wu ever finishing that painting!!

Staring contest!!

Davina has finished another painting

Plumbob now have 5 paintings on the wall

and Richie has finished another

So Motherlode now have four paintings on the wall

Things are heating up in the smut house
sorry smustle house 😉


That's it Dab you just keep her hooked and hopeless!!

Although I've been thinking if they do manage to sneak a baby in that is one way to shoot their points total right up to make them winning contenders!!!

Everyone is starting to get a little stir crazy now


Paintings on the wall = 4
Skill Levels = 12

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 11

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 6

Paintings on the wall = 5
Skill Levels = 20

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill Levels = 6


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