Sunday, 29 July 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 20

School is cancelled today because of the snow.
Billie gets a date phone call but his date called the date off before he got there ....
so he decided to growl at an elderly Tapestry instead

Hello Boyd


I wander who built the reaper snow man?!

Brodie wants to learn gardening ...
The gold digger has probably heard you can grow money trees!!

Another day ... another party.
This one is Baylee's party

Its amusing that most of the guests are exactly the same as the party the night before

I still can't work out how Blair is a Werewolf / Fairy hybrid
when neither of his parents are werewolves!

Blair's Mother and Baylee's wife, Haylee
which makes me wander about Blair's skin too!!!

I am beginning to think that NRASS SP allows sims to inherit things from their Grandparents that EA SP doesn't.

Blair has werewolf from his Grandfather Forrest and his skin is from his Grandmother Crystal.
The skin is baffling me the most ... Haylee and Baylee are both wearing fawkes skin but Blair is wearing Starfruit skin which can only come from Crystal

Red's painting skill is slowly getting there ... it is now at level 9

Buttons is out

Mmmm ... watching her brother with his boyfriend, Brodie decides she want to fall in love
maybe I should get her kissing a frog before she moves out

all potty trained until the next baby arrives

We have a cat meowing and scratching at the door

Baby Leaf ... one of Boyds cats has come for a visit

I guessed this cat might have come to visit Billie ... lol
They made friends at the party

Seriously these boys are now officially WORSE than Red and Forrest lmao
It seriously does not stop
Level 2 woohoo skill!!

Isn't love cute!!

The baby is coming

Baby 18 is the 8th girl


Cat TV

And the Mother of the year award goes to Red!!!

Social Services pop up alerts me to a freezing newborn baby ...
buried in the snow because her useless Mother would rather be mauled by her man

I would have buried her in the snow if social services had come to remove all the children out of the house!!!

Dad to the rescue!!
Although I am mad with him too ...
he came bugging her for woohoo which had Red putting the baby down!!!



Hates the Outdoors (after the trauma of being buried in the snow ... I am not surprised!!)

another cutie!!


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