Monday, 12 November 2018

Vomiting Evil ... DyNasty of Darkness ... Update 8


Arac has purchased another gnome from the consignment store

Gnome Invasion = 5

Sometimes homework has to be done to keep social services away!

Red now has a pet tortoise, to keep her company

The baby is on the way

Dewey is out haunting pretty quickly

Their 4th child is another boy.


Game given traits = Grumpy & Insane

Lycan is a witch

Red = "My skin is going to shrivel up without any sunlight!"
Arac = "You are going to shrivel up when you die anyway.  So shut up and eat!!"

Arac's painting is still only level six

Plans for Levi ... she is going to do the Greener Gardens Lifetime wish.
So she is being forced to get into gardening.

Arac is out on the rob.

He came out of work with a $68 blind that he had robbed

and outside he lifted a £110 fire pit and a $190 spruce tree
= $368

Outside the theatre he swiped two of the lights = $70

Skull number 19

Skull number 20

8 peices of gem dust = a big chunk of gem dust which is just as useless.
If there is a purpose for gem dust other than consigning it, I haven't found it yet!!

He throws fire spells now mainly to practice and improve his magic skills.
That guy ran to the outside toilet and extinguished himself.

The two tourists are going back to Egypt as toads!!

This guy actually seemed happy about becoming a toad!!

and because he escaped the fire spell,
this tourist gets a dose of Tragic Clown

comically every time he throws that elixir, Arac has a fit of snivels!!

Arac's ONE enemy is around

He seriously hates this woman!!!

Squashed Triffid!!
She is up in the attic when she shouldnt be up there!!
Locks the door

and here comes the second clone


A boy who is Evil & Grumpy

Jasper has now stocked up 3 young age potions

Skull 21

Arac is painting some very dark paintings

He has been carrying the age freeze around with him for a while.
until he kills himself doing something stupid!!

Another dark red and black wacky painting coming by the looks of it!!

I love how Triffid and Loki are Brother and Sister on the family tree
and they are only half siblings with Arac's children

Lycan is kind too cute to be a munster!!

Lucifer is having his birthday

Woohoo - no game given trait this time
so I gave him the family trait = Kleptomaniac

So he will get to live a life ... for a while!

Triffid is becoming a young adult

Game given Unlucky trait

How they can not see that pink sparkle is beyond me!!

Whoopie Cushion Face!!

Red is doing Triffids portrait before she leaves

Evil Brother ... sorry Half Brother!!!!

FINALLY Arac has got to level 7 painting skill
so now he can start doing portraits!!

While she is doing Triffid's portriat, Arac is doing hers.

Triffid has now flown the nest.
(cough) she lives in that house

He hasn't done too bad a job!!

There are now 11 Jelly Bean Bushes
Lycan and Loki's have been added.

Punishment for stealing his little brothers Candy
Lucifer is teaching Lycan how to talk!!

He never looks happy
but would you with lips like that!?

Lycan is uglier than you think!!
He looks like Arac from the side.

I am saying nothing!!

Lucifer takes a trip to the gymn with Arac,
who is still 3 levels behind with his Athletic skill.

there is another toad in town.

Arac wonders  of to do a bit of dumpster diving.

He found some Jars $45 and a games console $150

Goldfish in balloons??!!
Lucian has a warped mind!!

Lucian is having his birthday

Game given trait = Shmoozer

Lucian does not have the family trait
so he has to be disposed of.



Left with Nothing (Completed)
 Skull Collector (Complete)
Clone Army = 2
Triffid - Loki

Jelly Bean Hell
Jelly Bean bushes =11
(Family = Arac - Red - Lucian - Levi - Lucifer - Lycan)
(Housemates = Darrell = Abner - Dewey)
(Clones = Triffid - Loki)
Beloved Family Pet
Cow Plant = 1
Scaredy Cat
Black cat = 1
other cats = 1

Immortal companion 

Pet Cemetery 
Pet graves = 0

Human Extinction
Turned = 19 + 4 = 23

Supernatural Dynasty
Witch (Arac - Lucifer) - Simplant (Triffid) - Fairy (Levi)

Ghost - Vampire - Werewolf - Alien - Mermaid - Genie - Mummy
Family of Thieves
Dumpsters/Bins = 3,940 + 45 + 150 = $4135
Swiped  = £1,950 + 368 + 70 = $2388
Total = $6,523

Gnome Invation
Gnomes = 5
Ghost Hunter
(need 10 different deaths) = 3
Fire Death - Starvation - Old Age -

Supernatural Wishes
Lifetime Wishes to complete

Alchemy Artisan - (Arac doing)  - Greener Gardens - (Levi doing)

Celebrity Psychic - Emperor of Evil - Leader of the Pack - Magic Makeover
Master of Mysticism - Mystic Healer - Paranormal Profiteer - Turn the town - Zombie Maker

Family Goals
Enemy's = 1

Family Trait = Kleptomaniac

Careers to max
Criminal  (Levi doing)- Criminal Evil branch (Arac doing) -
Journalism - Politics
Law Enforcement - Military

All Lifestates
(Witch) - (Plantsim) - (Fairy) -

House Goals

Fully functional dungeon with at least two cells (built) = 3 cells
Attic (built)
Museum (built)



Evil (+) - Commitment Issues (+) - Kleptomaniac (+) - Inappropriate (+) - Daredevil (+)
Over Emotional (n) - Supernatural Fan (+) - Family Orientated (n) - Hopeless Romantic (-) - Artistic (n)
LUCIAN (No Family trait)
Artistic (n) - Evil (+) - Hates the Outdoors (+) - Dramatic (+) Scymoozer
Hates the outdoors (+) Grumpy (+) Evil (+) Kleptomaniac (+)
Hates the outdoors (+) Evil (+) - Snob (+) Kleptomaniac (+)
Grumpy(+) Insane(+)



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