Monday, 14 October 2019

Boolprop Asylum ... Update 1

Welcome to The Haunted Boolprop Asylum!!!

So this is an Asylum Challenge / House Battle, with a spooky twist just for Halloween!!!

For this challenge I am following this ruleset, which I have bent a little!!

I have 11 residence instead of 8

No electronics other than the tv ... huh!
Rule broken!!  
I have given them the cheap washing machine and drier,
 and the Asylum Caretaker needs a computer for his Lifetime wish.

Other than that everything else is as it should be.

Family fund reduced to $100

There will be 11 residence so there are 
8 beds and 9 seating

1 toilet - 1 tub/shower combo
5 skill items = Easel, Guitar, Dart board, Book Case, Chess Table
The cheapest TV

all in all a space way too small and under equipt for 11 residence.

and the place will be haunted because there are 12 graves on the lot.

in the graves ....

So I had Red swipe a dozen graves from the collection of over 100 that she has in the "Rainbow Babies" back yard!

Jazzberry Charm
As a ghost he is very active - and amusing
Forrest Leaf
just because its Forrest
Aniseed Leaf
One of the Rainbow Baby extra's
He is Forrests son, and died an early death doing a magician trick
Basil Leaf 
Another Rainbow Baby extra
Rocky Giggs
I couldn't resist, with Leo being his son!!
One died from ranting.
Christian Bee
One of Red and Forrest's Grandchildren 
A vampire who died of blood thirst.
Holly Charm
Jazz's daughter.  A very cantancorous plant sim.
Jake Bee
One of Red's Grandchildren who died of starvation.
Lime Soda
One of my TCE characters, who is the love of Basil's life!!
Sezzad Vajjevoo
An alien who died of old age. 

and lastly

Mia and Pepper a couple of ghost cats.

and Red ...

after delivering the graves she was force killed and her grave sits in the cemetery,
hopefully we will never see her ghost!!

The residence

Yes ... our ten House mascots

They lost three of their traits and are all now ...
Insane, Hate the Outdoors and Absent minded.

the traits they kept ....

Wu = Neat & Evil
Clovis = Supernatural Skeptic & Athletic
Silver = Lucky & Virtuoso
Richie = Handy & Schmoozer
Davina = Green Thumb & Artistic
Leo = Athletc & Virtuoso
Calypso = Party Animal & Diva
Dab = Irresistable & Athletic 
Kylie = Rebellious & Flirty
Jasper = Irresistible & Slob

and that is not all ... they are now all supernatural!!

Llama = Werewolves
Motherlode = Vampires
Plumbob = Fairies
Smustle = Witches
Woohoo = Genies

and lastly .... our Asylum Caretaker

Cosmic Midnight

Loser - Insane - Artistic - Unstable - Vegetarian. 

Yeah, Cosmic, who is a TCE character, is usually completely purple and a ghost.
He is actually Red's gender switch coloured purple (cough!)

His Lifetime Wish = Illustrated Author 
he needs to max his Writing and Painting skills.

This was chosen because the Asylym is on Shark Island
There are no roads and only 2 other lots ... a house and the cemetery.
So he will be having a stay at home job ... as a self employed painter.

and just so he doesn't feel left out with him being the only mortal in the house,
 he is now an Imaginary Friend doll.

and as I said this is an Asylum Challenge / House Battle ....

The House Mascots in their insane craziness, will be earning points for their houses,
and it could be a survival thing ... as they might not get through this challenge still living!!
The house mascots will be left totally to free will, the only sim being controlled will be Cosmic.

Points they will get ....
+ 10 for every skill level they gain.  (this only counts if they are still living).
+ 10 for every ghost they become best friends with.
+ 10 for every snowman they wander outside and make.
- 10 every time they wander off the lot.

The house with the most points at the end will win the battle.


Onto the madness!!  >>>>>>>>>>>


  1. Looking forward to this! The mascots as residents is great idea!

    Right now I am preparing my asylum.