Sunday, 25 August 2019

House Battle 6 ... Update 3

Of course they all came running out of the house, to be nosey, 
when they knew the meteor was coming.

Silver and Jasper are okay, just a little singed.

Silver = Where is Richie?

That is a Good question!!

Richie is under that dirty big rock!!!

and Leo looks like he has just got out of bed.

Bye Richie!!

Just look at the mess!!

Not again!!!

Yes again!!!

Meteors in my game are like buses.

I don't get one for months - even years.
Then they all come at once!!


Amusingly Wu is out, and she obviously doesn't realise she is dead yet!!
It is not like she can die again!!

I can see both Silver and Jasper are okay.

Not noticing Leo for a while .... I found he has taken himself back off to bed,
and seems to be sleeping through the mahem!!

Red is still here I notice.

Jasper is trying his best to put some of the fires out.


Never in this life!!!!!
They are all pointing at the sky again!!


It is just total bedlam now!!!

What the hell is going on


I have known 3 drop before but never 5!!!!

Oops Grim is here again!!

That big rock landed on Silver.

So funny - I don't see Red anymore!!!!
I check Reds house, which is now unoccupied ... so she coped it too!!

Bye Silver!!

Oh look ... Sleeping beauty is finally awake!!!

Leo = "Jasper where is everyone?"
Jasper = "Are you being serious right now?"

The place is wrecked and so is the battle!!

Day 3

Day 3 is wasted and the boys spend the day cleaning up the mess

While they are doing that I set up thier rooms for tommorrow,
and one last round of repairs (rolls eyes)

It is a good job I was keeping a count on paper ... lol

Domestic bliss!!

Feeding time at the zoo!!

Hello Clovis

Day 4

They both have 5 computers to repair.

Leo is whizzing along ... he is onto his third compuer
while Jasper just starts on his second one.

I have to laugh otherwise I'd cry .....

Jasper electrocutes himself ....

again ....

and again ....

and again ....

Seriously he went on like that ALL DAY!!!
Proving yet again ... he is NEVER going to die!!!

While Leo spends the day repairing all of his computers.

Seriously Jasper ... I give up!!

Sorry Woohoo but his unlucky trait is being changed!!! 

I need to draw a line on this!!!
Jasper is not dying and Leo's handy skill is probably high enough now that
he is not going to be dying either!!!

and what a joke!!!!

1ST = Plumbob = 8 repairs
2ND = Motherlode = 6 repairs
3RD = Woohoo = 4 repairs
4TH = Smustle = 3 repairs
5TH = Llama = 2 repairs

Lets hope the next battle is better ... LOL!!!!


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