Wednesday, 9 January 2019

House Battle 4 ... Day 3

Day 3

Half an hour in, and Wu gives up fishing to go to the toilet.

Silver gives up not too long after, to answer her phone.

Surpringly Wu comes back to the fishing and jumps onto the well Silver has just vacated.

However, she does not get to fish for very long because Silver decides to interupt her,
for a chat.

Clovis wanders off to the toilet

Silver not satisfied after her chat with Wu, she stops Richie from fishing to chat with him.

and Llama are off!!

Finally, Wu kicks Clovis's butt!!

by 4pm there are onlyy 4 left fishing


The Llama pair are seriously cracking me up!!

Their fighting is constant!!

two left 

Motherlode are flirting with each other!!!!

jeeeezzz Llama

mmmmm Motherlode are stood there staring at each other,
like what just happened ... that shouldn't have happened!!

7pm and only Jasper and Leo are still fishing.

Now Silver is flirting with Clovis!!
I can't keep up!!

Bang goes Jasper's fishing!!

I think Leo needs to pee!!

So that is the fishing over for day 3.

and the woohoo starts

Everyone else is in bed, Jasper and Davina are the only two still up.
After another play in the showers ... they go to bed too.

All ten of them are sleeping!!


43 fish caught


31 fish caught


57 fish caught


55 fish caught


57 fish caught


Woohoo = 57
Smustle = 57
Plumbob = 55
Motherlode = 43
Llama = 31

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