Monday, 7 January 2019

House Battle 4 ... Day 2



At 8am they are all outside, making a start on their second day of fishing.

Yeah, someone has only just got out of bed haven't they Leo!!!!

I haven't even bothered to dress them today.

Wu is the first one to wander away, needing the toilet.
She only managed 3 hours of fishing.

At 1pm Davina acted like she is dying from hunger!!
Drama Queen!!

But she managed to find a spare hour before eating to flirt with Jasper.
Jasper, who would much rather be smooching with Davina than doing some stupid fishing tournament!!

and there they are .... those dangerous blown kisses!!

Richie is the next one to quit 

Seriously Jasper??!!
He is now trying it on with Wu!!

At 3pm 
there is only Leo, Silver, Calypo and Dab still fishing.

Silver is the next one to quit fishing.

Inside the glass house .... it is smut central!!

That Woobob ship is setting sail again!!

Only Dab, Calypso and Leo are still fishing


The House Llama pair are having a punch up!!

Seriously Clovis ... is that any way to treat your Granddaughter??!"!

And why does Richie have his fists clenched ..... 
because he lost money betting on Wu to win!!

6pm and Dab quits fishing

that just leave Calypo and Leo fishing

The dust is flying again!!
Clovis and Wu are having ANOTHER punch up!!

8pm and Calypso has bowed out.

that just leaves Leo, the only left fishing.

Inside the mascots are making their own amusement.
There are a lot of ghost stories and pillow fights going on.

It is 9.30pm before Leo gives up fishing because of the cold.

Later on he makes me laugh.
He is out trying to steal coins ... unsuccessfully

He cleans up the puddles  he is creating ...

then tries again .... unsuccessfully!

Go Richie!!!
At 4am he comes out to sneak in a little more fishing ...
or is he making an early start on day three?

and here they are again, the two girls are like bees round honey!!!

I wander which one is going to get their claws into Leo this time,
Kylie or Silver??!!



36 fish caught



27 fish caught



41 fish caught



38 fish caught



33 fish caught



after day two .......

Smustle = 41
Plumbob = 38
Motherlode = 36
Woohoo = 33
Llama = 27


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