Saturday, 12 January 2019

House Battle 4 ... Day 7

Day 7

They start their last day of fishing.

At 12.30 Clovis is the first to give up

Closely followed by Jasper and then Wu

then Richie

Dab is disturbed from his fishing by Davina making a racket ....

because the baby is making an appearance.

Sorry .... Babies!!

Woobob 3 is a boy ....

and so is Woobob 4

Twin boys.

Which earns Plumbob and Woohoo 100 points each for the two babies.
(50 points for each baby)

So Woohoo and Plumbob now have 4 mascot juniors between them.

Silver and Leo are still out fishing at 7.30 pm

Silver gives up and leaves Leo to be the last one fishing.

He fishes for another hour before he finally finishes.

How many fights is that Llama have had now??!!

Wu definitely has anger issues!!!
Just the sight of the baby has her screaming!!

and out in the garden .....

I am half tempted to turn on male pregnancy,
Smustle need mascot Juniors 😂

they would make damn cute babies don't you think!!

And here are the two new house mascot juniors

Woobob 3
is a mini Davina with Jaspers ears.

Traits = Loves the cold & Easily Impressed

Woobob 4
is a mini Jasper

Traits = Good & Friendly

How cute is that face!!


Moving away from the cute distractions ....

The result of the 7 day fishing tournament.


93 fish caught


122 fish caught


73 fish caught


112 fish caught


116 fish caught


Plumbob =  122
Smustle = 116
Woohoo = 112
Motherlode = 93
Llama = 73

Plumbob sneaked in on the last day
 to snatch away the victory from Woohoo and Smustles!!! 

Well done to Plumbob who win House Battle Four!!


and the house points I promised them ...

10 for every lucky coin and 10 for every gnome.

After I have sold all their fish, I can see what they have ....

Motherlode ... 110 points

Richie =  60 points

Silver = 50 points

Plumbob = 80 points

Davina = 30 points

Leo = 50 points

Llama = 60 points

Wu = 30 points

Clovis =  30 points

Woohoo = 70 points

Jasper = 40 points

Kylee =  30 points

Smustle = 70 points

Calypso = 60 points

Dab = 10 points

All the points will be added to your house scorecards.

So that concludes Battle 4

We need to do something about Smustle, Llama and Motherlode not having any Mascot juniors yet.
So if anyone has any baby making challenges I can set them
let me know!!!

I am going to do the next battle in this file .... to see what happens with Clovis and Silver, given more time.  Also I am very tempted to turn on male pregnancy, to see if we can get a baby for Dab and Smustle.


House Battle 4 ... Day 6


It is now winter, so it is going to start getting VERY cold,
but it does not seem to bother this pair!!

They are up first and spend a few hours before the fishing starts, just messing about with each other.

8am they start their 6th day of fishing.

today was pretty much very uneventful, because today they actually all did fish until 3pm!!

Calypso was the first to finish.

at 4pm there were only 5 left fishing

At 7 pm there was only Kylee and Dab still fishing.

Dab gave up at 8pm and Kylee finished half an hour after he did.

this is about as entertaining as the night got.

I think this punch up came from them both trying to clean up the same puddle.
They are enemy's now so the slightest thing has them fighting!!

It was a strange and quiet night, they all virtually went to bed straight away.

and when Jasper went to bed and she was the only left up and awake,
Davina took herself outside and did a bit more fishing (on free will) before she went to bed herself.


104 fish caught


75 fish caught


65 fish caught


102 fish caught


103 fish caught


Plumbob = 104
Woohoo = 103
Smustle = 102
Motherlode = 75
Llama = 65
The top three houses are so close,
this battle is anyones, and it all boils down to their last day of fishing.