Monday, 6 July 2020

Broke Millionairre ... Update 1

The Broke Millionaire.

So, Red is here with a mission to complete a challenge that I am making up as I go along!!
She has to go from being totally broke, to becoming a millionaire.
She, and her family, have to remain unemployed and make money however they can.
Becoming millionaires might not happen in her lifetime ...
however, her family should get there eventually.



- To have 2 million simoleons plus in the family fund
- To have built a luxury family home

The house and lot must contain ....

at least three stories high with a basement.

1 kitchen
1 living room
1 study/library
1 laundry room
1 Music room
1 dining room
1 nursery
5+ bedrooms
1 Swimming pool
1 Greenhouse
A family Cemetery.

To own all three lots on the island.

Each generation heir must complete their Lifetime Wish.

Red has landed on Shark Island, which is a fairly deserted island that only contains three lots.
  • Red's empty lot
  • a mini resort
  • a Cemetry (when I've built it) cough!!
 I am calling it a resort, but it really isn't one yet!  Maybe when the family become millionaires maybe!!
The resort is a tourist trap firstly,  to distract all the annoying tourists and paps away from Red's empty lot.  However it will also give her access to some creature comforts at the beginning of the challenge when she has absolutely NOTHING!!!!

At the resort, she will have the use of a pit fire - to eat.  A shower to keep herself clean.  Benches and loungers to sleep on and a toilet. Oh and the dumpsters!!
She is going to need all these things until she starts making enough money to start setting up a decent place for herself and her future family to live!!

There is a cafe inside the resort, but she is NOT allowed to eat there, and for her first week on the island she will NOT be allowed to use buy mode to buy anything that she might need.

Day 1

There is only one way for her to start making any money on this island at the moment and that is Dumpster Diving.
She gets to do five dives a day, and can keep what she can use, and sell the rest.

The foreign tourists are already piling onto the island.

The downfalls of dumpster diving ...

Very smelly pits and a daily puking session!!

Her five dumpster dives are done for today, so all she has to do for the rest of the day is hang around the resort and do a bit of fishing so that she can eat.

Red:    Mmmm Foreign Men!!
Julie:   Keep your eyes OFF the men!!!  No babies are allowed until you can put a roof over their heads, and can at least afford a cot for them to sleep in!!
Red:     What about my Lifetime Wish, I need to get started on it!!
Julie:   You are a fairy so you have plenty of time and like it ever takes you very long to knock out five babies!!

and does she ever listen ... No!!!!
She sees a naked man, and that is her cue to get naked too!!!
Not that it did her any good in this case!!

Mr naked man's skinny dipping session, that lasted all day, did not end well.
He drown!!

In comes the Grim Reaper.

Red is like a fly around shit!!
Grimmie appears and so does she, because he is one of her favourite men to play with.
He had the good sense to vanish straight after collection his victim.

Red:     Feed me!!!!
Julie:    You had better get fishing quickly before Grimmie returns to take you away!!
Red:     I am way too hungry to do any fishing!!
Julie:    Well you know the rule, you are NOT eating from the cafe, not that you can with a family fund of $0!!!

The magically appearing Marshmallows will have to do for now.

A pretty pathetic first day of dumpster diving did not get her a lot - nothing useful anyway!!  Especially the wall clock and curtains that she has no wall to put them on!!
It is all sold.

Red:     As I have some money now, can I go to the cafe and get myself a cheese toastie?
Julie:    No!!!  Unless you pull a cooker and fridge out of the dumpster, you are living on fish for the foreseeable future!  So get fishing!!
Red:     I hate you!!!
Julie:    Trust me ... the feeling is very mutual!

The marshmallows filled a hole for a little while, enough for Red to get a few hours of fishing done. she managed to catch a tiny little anchovy for her breakfast in the morning.

Red's bed for the night!!

Day 2

Julie:   "Hey I said NO EATING CAFE FOOD!!!"
Red:     "Well you can not go off to feed your cats, leave your game running and expect me to listen to your horrible rules when I am starving!!"
Julie:   "Huh!  You have a tiddly little fish that you could have cooked!!  Day two and you are already breaking rules!!  Think about going anywhere near that food register again and I will turn this place into a book store instead, and extend your no buy mode to two weeks!!"
Red:     Fine!!  (Huff)

Red gets today's dumpster diving done early, because she does not really have a lot else to do yet.

After her shower and puking session, she takes another nap.

Collecting seeds to plant.

and flowers to sell!!

Her second  day of dumpster diving got her a few cupboards, lamp and guitar, which she kept.

The tiny cemetery is now built.

It is amazing how a minute little anchovy, becomes a huge chunk of fish when its being cooked!!

Not having a proper bed to sleep in has her constantly napping.

Day 3

Day 3 started while it was still pretty dark.

After doing her dumpster diving, she cleaned up.
Then spooks herself when she ended up taking yet another nap on the bench in the cemetery!!
Not that there are any ghosts on this island yet to spook her!

Red now has a few chairs and a rug to go with her cupboards.
Everything else has been sold.

Red now has the rebel reputation from all the dumpster diving she has be doing.
So the street art bag and the megaphone are now in her possession as a reward.

So now she is a very happy bunny - spray painting the grass, until she gets an easel!

Those plants are not going to survive the night, if that deer continues to hang around!!

The first bills already stung her for $26.

Red:    I should not have to pay THAT MUCH for an empty space with just a mailbox and that silver contraption on it!!
Julie:   Unfortunately that is life!! 
Red:    I wander how much that silver contraption sells for??
Julie:   The Time Portal.  Is NOT to be sold!!

Red:     Mmm I wander what is on that little island out there?
Julie:    Nothing!!  Do not even think about going to investigate, because this island is called Shark Island for a reason.  It is surrounded by sharks and the water is dangerous to swim in!!
Red:     How dangerous?
Julie:    Very!!!!

At the end of day three she has a grand total of £1,266 in her family fund.


Boolprop SimNano

Word count ..... 1,239

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Broke Millionaire ... Intro

Finally starting my attempt at the Boolprop Summer Challenge.

I have not been able to drum up any enthusiasm or settle on any of the existing Sim challenge that are out there for us to do.  So I thought I would have a little free play and just make my own challenge up as I go along!!

The starting idea of the challenge I want to play, being .... my founder sim (Red) and her future family, have to go from being totally broke to becoming millionaires, while remaining unemployed!!!

and ...........
I have dumped Red on a deserted island, just to make it a little more challenging!!

I will be playing a kind of mash up of the homeless challenge, the dumpster dive challenge, Rags to Riches challenge and the land lubber challenge.  Following my own set of loose rules, while trying to have fun, and get back into my Sims game, which I have not really played properly for nearly two years.

I am also going to be killing two birds with one stone, because I will also be using this summer challenge to take part in the July SimNano.

So now you know what I am doing .... the first update of this will come on the 1st of July

Don't have a clue who she is waving to, because she has NO friends!!!!!



Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Boolprop Asylum ... Update 5

As Silver has left us, a bed and a seat have been removed,
as per the challenge rules.

Leo appears to be the only one who might be gaining any skill levels.

If he is not playing the guitar he is working out, and of course there is the woohoo skill!!

(I have been good up to now and not clicked on any of the mascots once, 
so I have not looked at their skills yet, so I could be wrong and they might have more skills than I think.)

These two are slow off the mark this time.
That is the most I have seen them do together.

Leo is obsessed with talking about a baby girl!!!
He can dream ... lol

Cosmic still has not finished writing his first book yet, 
so his writing skill is going slowly

Thankfully Cosmic repaired the broken TV. successfully!!!

Isn't love grand!!

Clovis seems to be eating a lot of jelly beans.

Silver is out already

Aniseed is out for the first time

Silver is tidying up the Kitchen!!  Bonus!!

ONE is also out tonight

Oh dear .... Calypso has progressed to charms and spells.
Luckily for ONE that one is only a good luck charm.
Not that Calypso can actually hurt ONE with her spells!!

Kylie just got her finger bitten!!
Fred obviously does not know that you are not supposed to bite the hand that feeds you!!

Calypso is not satisfied with beating everyone up,
she is also trying to burn the house down!!!

Both of the Genies work together and put the fire out.

 and what is that supposed to be??!!

Leo is running around outside waving his hands in the air.
I THINK he is streaking ... but the idiot forgot to take his clothes off ... lmao!!

he goes inside to jump on Dab.
he looks a little hyper if you ask me!!

Someone has been at the jelly bean bush!!

Is it me or do these paintings look a lot like Cosmic has been watching  Sesame Street?!

Cosmic finally finishes off writing Book 1.

We have quite a lot of ghosts out again tonight.
Jazz, Holly, Forrest, and the alien

Holly has spotted Forrest and is not happy.
They hated each other in life so I guess that continues!!

It looks like Kylie and Jazz are becoming good friends.
They spend hours chatting.

and he is off  with the flirting ... 
(pun time) Jazz can charm the pants off anyone, and he usually does.

(his name is Jazzberry Charm if you didn't get it)

Daddy and Daughter ... not that they ever liked each other that much.
Holly practically hated EVERYONE!!

SO MANY paintings that I have never seen before!!

Yes we know you are angry!!!

This witch has PMT!!!

Huh!  Not long after, she is at it again!!

 Clovis this time!!

Maybe getting her butt kicked might calm her down a little!!
Yeah right!!

Clovis is so close to getting a skill level in Athletics!!

Get ready for the water works!!!


The happy couples club is situated at the back of the asylum!!

Cosmic makes a start on his second book.
He may as well earn some money while he is improving his writing skill!!

Dab and Leo now have their very own private bedroom!!
 They are going to be very lost when that igloo melts!!

Go Dab!!!  
He is the first one to make something in the snow.

He needed to find something to do with himself while Leo is sleeping.

One snowman = Smustle 10 points

It is unusual to see Wu playing the guitar.

Tonight Christian, ONE and Lime are out.

Lime is NO Angel!!!!

Leo = "I don't believe in ghosts!!  I have never seen one!!"

Kylie spends a lot of time with the turtle.
Cleaning, feeding and playing with him.


Jasper must be bored if he is playing chess with himself!!

While she is there playing the guitar she is not beating anyone up!!

How to make Cosmic pee his pants and cry!!

I spy a fire hazzard ... someone has wandered away and forgotten they are cooking

Send time that computer has broken and Cosmic managed to repair it successfully without frying himself!!

and up she goes!!


It must be a genie thing ... because everytime there is a fire,
one of both of the woohoo genies appear and put out the fire.

So I thought we should have a peek at the House Mascot's skills

Plumbob are doing really well with 15!!

Motherlode on the other hand don't have any skill levels at all.

Llama have five.

Woohoo .... one!

Smustle ... six

and Cosmic is probably about half way in completing his Lifetime Wish.

The skill points will be added up at the end.

- 10  (Calypso wandering off lot)
+10 (Dab built a snowman)
- 10 (Silver wandering off lot)