Thursday, 7 June 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 13

So it has been six months since I did anything with this challenge (cringe)  
as it has been that long since I have played the sims (shocking!!)
This update I had the pictures for, I just never put the update out ...  and now I am going to open my game and try to finally finish this challenge. 



I think you should try knocking the door before you barge into the bathroom!!

Brook is not too bothered by her ordeal!!

Red wanting to meet someone new, goes over the road to see her latest Grandchild.  Brandy and Dereck have had a little boy.  However Red didn't get to see him because Brandy didn't even answer the door to her.

Forrest:  Oh guess what ...
Red:  Another promotion ... I'm seriously starting to wander what you are doing for Kandice!!

It looks like you are in the dog house again Forrest!!

Button is very glitchy since she wouldn't age up and I had to do it in CAS.
She keeps morphing into a dwarf which I can't fix!!

Boo is out

The baby is coming ... and they decide to go off the hospital

She doesn't ride her broom or catch a taxi

Forrest flew there and was stood there for hours waiting for her to arrive.

Bored of waiting he is too busy playing on his phone to even notice her going in
She was in and out without him realising.

and she flies back with the basket.

Baby 13 is a boy

and so is baby 14

Both have wings .... so I'm guessing two more fairies

Their faces when they get in from school

I'm not sure they are liking the constant stream of siblings



OMG!!  OMG!!!  OMG!!

 One minute Billie is a cute fairy

the next ... an even cuter werewolf with wings

Bruce = "Ha!!  If you think that is clever .... see what I can do!!"


Bruce = "Growl at me again dog, and I will turn you into a frog!!"
Billie = "Whatever witch!!"

I'm in Love with these two!!!!!!!!!!
Not only do they have Forrests face and ears - faces that look pretty much identical ... they are both hybrids.
Billie is a werewolf and fairy
Bruce is a witch and fairy

Brodie is having her birthday

Does anyone know how I can fix Buttons??

So far Billie has been actively a werewolf ... now he is scratching up the washing basket

Red = "There, you got your werewolf!!  Now sort him out before he scratches up the house!"

Busy children

Babies = 14/24
Boys = 8
Girls = 6

Monday, 29 January 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 12

It is Brooks turn to get abducted tonight


Brave and Clumsy

she is another one who is just a fairy

Boyd and Vanilla are having another baby.

Red has maxed her Gardening skill

Brandy is graduating

and we have to leave a pap on fire on the front garden :(

I'm amused watching Kandise flirting with Tapestry.
Move away from the man eater Tap, she will chew you up and spit you out!!

Bradley finally gets his graduation

Chin Chan brings Boyd's son Bobbie to the town hall

and in walks Derek ... I am not sure why.
He is Chase and Kandise's oldest son.

and he looks like he might be quite a character with two children already with two different women, while he still lives at home with his parents.

Benji is having his birthday

he gains the Shy trait
we wont see him being a witch now until he becomes a teenager

and it looks like Brandy might be Derek's next victim

Blade and Blaze are also having their birthday


He gained the Angler trait


He gained the Athletic trait

Seriously one bucket of rubbish is enough ...
WHY do we have to have this EVERY TIME someone becomes a teenager

I have Moved Brandy in with Boyd over the road.
He now only has 6 cats - so there is room for Brandy.

Buttercup is trying her hand at baking muffins

That is the first time I've seen a sim go into have their face painting on free will!!
Blaze you look stupid!!!

Its leisure day ... so the twins have gone to the festival ground together

Blade spent the WHOLE OF HIS TIME at the festival ground - stood grumbling about the speaker being too loud ... strange boy!!

This is amusing!!!  Hayley and Ulyses used to date each other.
Haylee is now married to Baylee and Ulyses is Bee's current boyfriend.
They are here together and there is no sign of Bee or Baylee.

Forrest your promotions are boring me now!! 😂
I want to know what you are doing to Kandise to get one every single day!! 

busy building up their skills

It is 1am and the twins are still out at the festival ground.
Blaze is now an expert at skating and Blade is STILL stood grumbling about the speaker!!

When I look at 3am they are both outside the criminal warehouse watching Tapestry singing

Amazingly they roll in at 6am and don't get into trouble for being out after curfew!!


She doesn't like that gross video that Forrest just showed her.

so he spends the next few hours being a sappy twat!!

Brodie has been pretty neglected in the skill training department

That one is going on the wall!!

Brook, Blade and Blaze go off to prom.
Only Brook comes back with a romantic interest - Chin Chan

I am very surprised when we get a pop up saying Brandy and Derek are having a baby AND getting married.

Buttercup had a Genie lamp in her inventory which she must have got from one of her school field trips.  I can't imagine where else she has had it from.

The next baby bump has popped

I am saying nothing!!

Passed out vampires everywhere!!

I sent stir crazy Red off to the cemetery to collect Boo's grave.
Strangely there have been no deaths in the town yet ... not even Grim has disposed of any of the paps.

Brook is having her birthday

She gained the Perfectionist trait

LTW = Magic Makeover

The twin girls are also having their birthday.


she gained the Excitable trait

and Buttons was a nightmare.
She would not age up at all ... so I had to do it in CAS.

She gained the Artistic Trait