Saturday, 9 March 2019

Red-dy For Love ... Update 2

Day 2 (Sunday) 8am

Hell Grimmy ... Don't give her heart failure,
I need her to get to the end of this challenge!!

Hello little dragon, where have you come from??
I watched one of the Paps pick him up so ...

Xander picked the wrong person to play his fairy tricks on

Bones don't burn easily!!

She finally notices Xander is in the house!!

Ransom:  "You do know you are smoking don't you!"
Dante:  "Yeah, yeah, so I keep being told ... I'm hot!!"

When I spot Red making food .... Call household to meal is being clicked on,
to encourage them to interact with each other more.

It always amuses me when she gets a phone call from one of her children,
It does not happen very often!!

ONE-O-TWO has phoned her for a chat.
He is probably telling her about his Alien adventure!!

and she collides with Sam finally

I am seriously shocked, because she is usually all over this version of him like a rash!!

Talking about art is always the best way to get to her!!

Sam and Darren are Artistic ... which is one of her strongest traits.

She was having a three way conversation with them,
until Dante rudely interrupts and drags her off into the bedroom.

Safety goggles.

I guess that is one way for Sam to avoid looking at the burn, horrible food he is eating!!

DAY 3 (Monday) 8am

Darren and Sam both seem to be hanging around Red a lot more.
But I have to say she is acting pretty strangely right now, behaving herself!!

It is bare butt time!!

As she decided to get naked, I thought a mass skinny dip was in order.

Poor Dante is stuck indoors to avoid the sun, so he is missing the fun going on outside in the hot tub.

They all join her in the tub, all except Dante and Ransom, 
who there is not room for.

You just know it!!!
Guilty!!  I had Ransom swipe all their clothes!!

Red managed to get out before Ransom got to her clothes.
Everyone else however, is now without clothes!!

The rest of the day was spent dancing and skinny dipping on and off.

Why would a vampire be making hot dogs??
Hell, he must be bored stuck inside while everyone else is outside having fun!!

As good a look of Grimmy's face as you are getting.

that damn seal is going to be the death of someone!!
wouldn't it be ironic if Ransom drown for a second time!!

It comes to something with one phone call from her son, gets her knowing him better than most of the men in the house!!

Day 4 (Tuesday) 8am

Red starts her day off flirting with Marty.

Ransom is thinking WTF!!!!
A minute ago she was flirting with Marty, now Dante!!

Temper! Temper!
Xander  managed to mooch himself a can of soda.

The towel brigade!!

I definitely think there is a b-romance going on between Grim and Sam ...
they are best friends now. and constantly together!!

Oh!!  It looks like ONE-O-TWO has come for a visit!!

One-0-Two:  "Hi Dad"

For some strange reason she wanted to paint Xanders portrait,
so I kind of got her doing it (cough)

Dante ate a jelly bean, which sent him hyper!

ONE-O-TWO didn't stay very long.
He ate and ran ... well wouldn't you, if you came visiting this house!!
He would rather be constantly abducted by Aliens!!

Me and my best mate!!!

Well look at that!!  It is practically perfect.
I might just get her to do a portrait of all of them.

She spent hours sat nattering with Darren.

The next time I looked they are cozying up together!!

The bed is having fun eating and bashing people!!

Later she spent another few hours chatting with Darren.

which ended up with them watching the stars together.

Trying to look innocent!!

Either Dante didn't see them or he isn't bothered.

as soon as Dante's back is turned she is after Darren again.
Marty:  "Don't go there mate!!  She is a praying mantis!

Marty:  "You can't help hourself can you!!  Always prowling around like a dog on heat."
Red:  "Jealous much!!   Are you feeling neglected?"

Marty:  "Get your hands off me woman!!!"
Red:  "Oh come on like we haven't done this before, a million times!!"
Marty:  "Exactly!! I have seriously had enough!!

Day 5 (Wednesday) 8am 

It is the first eviction day.

Xander is the first to leave.
 Interestingly Darren has slipped past Dante.
He is Best Friends with Red, while Dante isn't, and I am really not sure where Grim has come from,
as I haven't seen them interacting much yet ... other than having a game of tag.

Bye Xander!!

One down six to go!!