Sunday, 19 August 2018

Boolprop House Battle 1 - Day 1


So the House Battles begin!!

To start off I thought I would do something a little relaxed - so we can get to know them a little.

Its a little Painting + mini skill challenge

The main aim of the challenge is for them on free will to get as many paintings as they can on the walls of their living quarters before the week is out.  As there are ONLY 3 Artistic sims amongst them, I will also be counting any skill levels that they pick up along the way.

Points available for this challenge
+ 10 for every painting on the wall
+ 5 for every skill level
bonus + 20 for maxing a skill

and just in case we get a House Baby
The first house that produces a baby on free will = 100 points

Obviously the house that gains the most points will win the challenge.
The points amassed by each house in this battle will be added to the house scorecards.

The House Mascots will spend the next 7 days shut up inside their new colour coded living quarters on Shark Island.

They have everything that they need to survive ...
   an all-in-one bathroom ... fridge and cooker ... beds.

They also have a few skill objects so they don't go completely out of their minds trapped in their living quarters, which they can pick ups skills from ...
   Easels ... book case ... guitar ... chess table ... radio
(Cooking - Handy - Charisma - logic - Athletic - Painting - Guitar - Woohoo)

I am leaving the mascots totally to free will ... so I'll be sitting back, watching and taking pics of what they do.   The only time I'll do anything is moving paintings from the easels onto the walls.  I won't be controlling the sims at all.

If anything breaks, I will be watching their wishes and if they roll the wish to fix it ... then I will help them to do it.  Otherwise the broken object will stay broken, until they do decide to do something about it.  I think I have put a cooker in that will not set on fire .. but if it does, I won't be interfering!!!  If they don't put the fire out themselves ... then ??!!  😈 because it will just continue to burn.

This is a road less Island so firemen, pizza delivery, police, repo men, maids .... they don't come even if you call them or have fire and burler alarms.

I've got the woohoo mod set on autonomous woohoo and autonomous risky 😛
Try for baby is OFF!!


Monday 8am.

Once they are all in their living quarters ... the doors disappear 😆
There is no way out now!!

Each new day starts at approximately 8am.

Davina and Leo

Calypso and Dab

Clovis and Wu

Richie and Silver

Jasper and Kylee

Calypso started to paint but Dab interrupted her, so now there is is just chatting going on in Smustle.

Silver and Richie are both being very productive

Knowing Leo of old ....
I am predicting he will probably spend the whole week playing that guitar!

Jasper TRIED to paint but Kylee stopped him!

While Clovis is playing the guitar and Wu watches, they are at least working on their friendship

Dab is the first one to find the radio and turn it on .... to dance!!

Richie is very quick off the mark ... he has his first painting completed!!

So Motherlode have their first painting on the wall

There is no painting happening with the Llama guys

yes I've added another window to their living quarters to brighten the room up

Yes and Smustle are doing nothing but dancing!!

shame there isn't a dancing skill!!

Davina finds the easel and works on her first painting

In woohoo everything is going on ... except for painting!

Silver has now found the easel

Plumbobs first painting is completed

While I was building their new living quarters Red tested them out and was running around the island.  She did some bad cooking and it is still coming out of the fridges.

(Don't worry, Red isn't about to appear ... she actually got eaten by a shark 😂)

So everyone is feasting on burnt Mac and Cheese for their first meal.
Which looks as dead as the cook is 😃

The two Llama guys seem very content in each others company!!
Shame neither of them are reading a skill book!!

Silver is the first one to swerve the horrible food, to do some cooking!

Leo working out.

Calypso finally goes back to her painting ... but it is short lived

Dab interrupts her for a slow dance.

Team bonding ... lol

House Plumbob go to sleep at 10pm
while the rest of the houses are still going

It looks like either Jasper or Kylee have peed themselves!!!

Calypso and Dab are the last to go to bed at 5am in the morning

At 6am Davina and Leo are up and raring to go ....

while all the other four houses are now sleeping

I can't say I've seen these two interact with each other yet.

The community fridge thing in sims 3 has always amused me.
Leo pulls out a salad for breakfast, prepared and put in the fridge by Silver.
(three living quarters away!!)



Paintings on the wall = 1
Skill levels = 6

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill levels = 4

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill levels = 1

Paintings on the wall = 1
Skill levels = 5

Paintings on the wall = 0
Skill levels = 1


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