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Bee My Alien .... Update 1

Bee My Alien
A Close Encounter Academy ... the rules for which are here


Being the youngest of Quads, as well as the youngest of 127 Rainbow Babies
is hard on One-O-Two, and he hates his life.

Yes, One-O-Two.
102 ... he is a number and does not even have a proper name.

He has a useless uncaring Mother, Red,
and his Father, Marty, is too busy building a second family to spend  much time with him.
He lives in a mad house where he is always constantly surround by all of his 126 older siblings, who are either living or appearing as ghosts, because the back garden is full of their graves.
 He is looking for a way to get away from his mad life, and especially his Mother.!!!

He receives an interesting message ....

You have been selected, out of thousands of applicants, to become an alien ambassador! 
But wait, its not as easy as it sounds. There are surprises and hard work ahead of you. 
Victories and set backs. Breakthroughs and failures. Are you prepared? Are your descendants? ...No? 
Don't worry. You have been enrolled in the Close Encounter Academy! Please read the encrypted information packets that will be sent to you via secured email in 3...2...1

  • Max the Logic Skill
  • Max the Handiness/Inventing Skill
  • Max the Science or Politics Career
  • Become chosen [abducted] by the alien league 3 times.
  • Become pregnant and keep an alien baby via this choosing [abduction].

 Location ... Lost Island

102 thinks this might be a good way to escape his life!!

"I'm in .... take me already!!"

102: "Bye Mother .... I am off on an adventure!!"


An excited fairy has just landed on the garden of the only house on lost island.
Finally away from his mad family!!  He can not wait to start with his new life.

However he is going to have to lose his wings to do this challenge!!

102:  "You what?!"
Your wings ... they have to come off!!"
102:  "Hell no, you are not taking my wings!!"
Don't worry you will get them back when you have done this mission!!


Neurotic - Loves the Outdoors - Virtuoso - Artistic - Green Thumb

Lifetime Wish
Perfect Garden

Now wing less and grumpy, because he loved being a fairy!!!
He was born a fairy and it is all he has ever known.

And this is the house that he will be living in.
The only house in town.

The living area in the house is actually a lot smaller than it looks from the outside,
the attached greenhouse is very deceiving.   

The two story greenhouse takes up a lot of room.

102:  Astro turf!!!  You have got to be kidding me!!

It is not astro turf!!

102:  Whatever it is, it is FAKE grass!!

You will be thankful for that indoor FAKE grass, when it is icy cold and snowing outside,
and you are inside still growing your plants through the winter!!!

102:  Grumble!!  Grumble!!

After having his tantrum, 102 takes a trip to the grocery store.
He needs plant-able fruit and vegetables to start off his garden.

His garden is going to be important to him, because of his Lifetime Wish.

Get lost Llama .... he is NOT learning your stupid cheer leader chant!!!
Thankfully my boy is out shopping!!

caching!!  Sells the bucket of uni rubbish for $20

A random wish to harvest some honey.
Strangely he knows there is a beehive behind the consignment store.

102: "Keep your eyes off my house thief ... I have a burglar alarm!!"

The honey was not ready for harvesting, so all he could do was feed the bees.

Mmm ... he is not grumbling about his fake grass now, is he!!??

102 is on his way into the hospital to get a medical career. (cough)


Yeah I know!!!  Someone is an idiot and didn't read the challenge rules properly.
Seeing medical career even thou it is not there, when it actually says Science or Political career.

He is his mothers son, so he will have to be dragged away from the easel a lot.
However, he does have a very plain white house,
so he can use the pictures he paints to help make the place look a little more colourful.

He makes a start on his logic skill.
Using the telescope, trying to "attract" the aliens to come and abduct him.

102 = "Falling Stars!!"
Yeah, but you are not getting any, you are not a Boolprop member!!

He spent until 3am using the telescope ... no sign of the aliens.
He did manage to find a few stars though.

After a few hours sleep, he managed to get his plants watered before work.

His first day in the wrong job, got him a promotion.

Hey there Palmer, what are you doing in 102's bath?!

102:  This is not a cheap toilet, it should not be broken already!!

Stop moaning you broke it!!  
Besides it helps you to make a start on that Handiness skill you need to Max!!

Another night of working on his logic skill, did not temp the aliens to come and get him.

Can you tell 102 is not used to taking care of himself.
His Dad, older siblings or the family bot used to do everything for him.

So yeah, he is pretty much a disaster in the kitchen at the moment!!
How can anyone turn making waffles into such a disaster?!

Grumble!!  Grumble!!
102:  "Maybe I should have brought Bott with me, she would have done all this shit for me!!"

Bot is taking a well earned break after helping to raise most of your Mother's 127 babies!!
If you want a bot you will have to make your own!!

In walks a cute guy ... gulp!!

102 is not used to living alone, so he has made use of the house mate system.
Ordering one male house mate, who hopefully will keep him company during his mission.

Rafe Ventura
Bookworm - Artistic - Over Emotional - Good Sense of Humour - Green Thumb.

Career = Self employed painter.

With two shared traits and a compatible star sign .... this is going to be very interesting!!

The first painting for the wall.

Another night of improving his logic and finding a few more stars.
No aliens.

Of course 102 is going to wind me up by heart farting a guy!!!

He is straight in his last life, that is why I got him a male companion and not a female one.
All he needs is a friend, not a romance!!

Serious, Rafe is exactly how the game sent him.
It is unusual for a game NCP to be so ... cute!!

Although I have noticed that the game has put him into my favourite cc skin, 
which is probably why he looks so good!!

They realise how compatible they are, which is interrupted by 102 having to go to work.

Rafe providing entertainment and is something to watch during 102's long work hours!!

Even though he is down as having the painter career,
 it seems that Rafe is also moonlighting as a Paparazzi.

So Rafe is now out doing what Pap's do ...
absolutely nothing but wander around town and getting under every ones feet!!

102 comes out of work, very stressed,
even if he had another promotion and is now a paramedic.

A trip to the summer festival de-stresses him.

One invisible 102 skating!!

Another night of trying to tempt the aliens without joy.

Tonight he had company on the balcony.

It is leisure Day, so 102 has the day off work.
He spends the day running around town, collecting up seeds and looking for space rocks.

Having space rocks on the lot is something else to hopefully attract the aliens to him.

The flirting has started.

While he was running around he picked up a turtle,
that he decides to put in a tank and keep as a pet.

Down in the basement 102 has an inventing table.
So he makes a start on the Inventing skill, which he needs to max.

Are there really any uses for the things that are made on the inventing table??!!

He works his way up to level three then everything starts going pear shaped.

First he sets himself on fire.

After putting himself out in the shower, he goes back to the inventing table
just to electrocute himself!!!

After taking another shower he moves onto something safer!!! 
fulfilling a rolled wish. ... he wants to learn the science skill.

When Rafe isn't being a Pap he spends most of his time at home painting

That is until 102 disturbs him from his painting.

There is a lot of flirting but 102 is not rolling any romantic wishes.

102 and Rafe are already best friends.

Rafe quite often helps out with the gardening, 
he has the green thumb trait so he probably enjoys it.

The Paramedic was cooking breakfast when his lift to work started beeping outside.

So he runs off and leaves them cooking on the stove!!
It is a good job that cooker is fireproof .....

..... well, I hope it is, I have not seen one catch fire yet.
I guess we are just about to find out!!!

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