Thursday, 18 January 2018

Leaf Baby Boom - Update 7

Forrest actually gets to go to work today!!
I think this is only his third day of actually working!

Red spends the day turning her gardening produce into jam and preserves.
She earned nearly $4,000 - a lot more than she would have earned if she had sold it at the grocery store!!

Meghan has come home from school with one of the children.
She is their cousin ... being Meadow (Forrests sister) and Alpines child.

Meghan doesn't have any Leaf in her that I can see ... she takes completely after her Dad Alpine.

Aric Orchid has also come home from school with someone.
He is one of Tapestry and Crystals children

Way to scare the guests!!
Baby six is on it's way.

Forrest is oblivious.  Sat outside his work place reading comics.
He got a promotion today ... woohoo!!!
So he has managed to get to the second level of his sports career.

Baby six is a fairy girl

A very purple girl!!
The colour slider has been working overtime I think!!
But with Red's track record, I still had to check to make sure she is Forrests 😂 even though there are no purple men in town!!

Yes she is Forrests child!!
(Cough) quick colour fix!!

Forrest and Bee keep turning into werewolf form just so that they can practice fighting with each other.

and Bee keeps kicking Forrests but which is very amusing!!

It is strange to see them fighting and making friends while they are doing it, but they are only practising fighting.


Virtuoso and Athletic

I'm not sure where those blue eyes came from.
She is only a fairy

It is none stop sparing with the two werewolves.

I am not sure that any of the kids are comfortable with the two werewolves in the house!!

Aric can come again .. washing up all the plates!!

BABY CHIMES!!  Number 7 is on its way.
As Forrest is in werewolf form when this one is created I am HOPING it might be a werewolf - but doubt it!!

I find Boyd outside chatting with Crystal.

Teenage crush time!!
He wants to kiss the mature adult Crystal .... 😆

If he does it .. he will do it on his own without any help from me!!

These two are killing me!!

Bee goes out at 4am in the morning hunting.
She didn't get into trouble for being out after curfew strangely.

Boo definitely has two different coloured eyes!!

Red has a celebrity opportunity to earn some money  making friends with Rocky.
Which is easily done.

Baby bump 7 pops

We have three birthdays today

Boyd is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gained the Loves the Outdoors trait

LTW = Master of the Arts

Baylee is having his birthday

He gained the Charismatic trait

Guess who just pee'd himself!!

Finally Brandy is having her birthday
She wouldn't age up, not even after resetting her, she kept glitching.
so I had to do it in CAS

She gained the Cat Person trait

Now that Boyd is an adult - it is time for him to move out.
I want to keep him (sniff!!)

I think Forrests kids are all inheriting his neurotic cleaning.

Boyd is graduating today
Not that you can tell with the lack of graduation gown!!

Sebastian and Boo are hanging out together outside the town hall

There is a new house over the road which Boyd has now moved into

So I have NEVER been comfortable with the kick out option (cringe)
so I have set myself another challenge within this challenge .... Red and Forrest are going to have to do some serious extra money earning to re-house ALL of their moving out children.

This house cost $35,500!!  It is sitting in my library and by the end of the challenge there will be a lot of these houses around town - lol  24 x $35,500 is a lot of money for them to earn!!  Any twins I will probably move out together and into the same house.

and this is what it looks like inside ... it is big enough for them to raise a family in, especially as it also has a fairy house in it.

Boyd does not go home straight away, he reads Bradley a bed time story

then finishes and sells his painting!!
This makes me laugh ... while he was painting, there were a few pop ups saying that Boyd had adopted a kitten and is now a self employed painter. 

Bee and Baylee go off to prom.

They both come back from prom with a romantic interest.
Bee's is Ulysses Gigs (Rocky and Lacey's son)
and Baylee's is Trudy Jett .. a random townie girl.

6 Babies
boys = 3
Girls = 3

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